Friday, May 16, 2014

MTC week 1--Spanish Immersion and Dora the Explorer

Hola me parentals y familia!!!! como estan??!!!!


Oh boy! i don't even know what to say!! ITS SO AWESOME HERE!

yes, i made it to the mtc (ccm) safely and well!!! I got bused over to the west mtc (which is the part of wyview that the church bought! our classes are just right across the street so it's gucci cuz it's super close. (that's raintree) oy! it's so awesome! so we got our luggage and dropped it off at our apartment and then went to class on wednesday! it was crazy! complete spanish immersion i was like whaaa but it's so coool! we had like 4 hours of class or something and then dinner then this super sick activity where we went to the church on wyview and there were like investigators there. (they told us later that the investigators were members sharing their conversion experiences i think) but yeah we were all in like the relief society room and stuff and they had like a mock set up of a living room (complete with a couch) in there and some missionaries (teachers) came in and we watched them start teaching them and so then they left and like "paused" the interview and we continued it-but we focused on just loving the investigator and like not powerplowing like a lesson and it was so good so cool muy bien!!!! HAY!  that was so cool to learn like to just love all you meet like God loves them (try) and want for them sincerely what God wants for them! it was so awesome and the Spirit was so strong!

My companion is Hermana Franks! She's bomb! im gonna send pictures later today!  she reminds me of someone but i cant place who! we get along super well and she's just awesome! 

Brother Vargas and he is the absolute coolest!!!! he's so funny!! he's from mexico and served in mexico and his family lives in mexico but he's at byu studying matematicas for his like masters or something crazy and then is going to apply to princeton for further economics something! he's sooo smart and knows spanish, english, french, italian, portuguese, and can understand german! hahah how cray! also im pretty sure he's the smartest person ive ever met haha but yeah he is such a good teacher and ONLY TALKS IN SPANISH except for yesterday we got him distracted and he went on a tangent in english about dora the explorer and how in mexico she teaaches kids english! ahha how crazy! and how huge mexico city is (that's where he's from) and how it's sinking like venice because it was built on top of a lake! Haha not a smart move, mexico. baha.

i miss yall! but im not homesick. it is sooooo awesome here! hay! 

SO YESTERDAY WE DID OUR FIRST LESSON WITH AN INVESTIGATOR IN SPANISH. COMPLETE SPANISH. HAY IT WAS LOCO!!!  they still wont tell us whether or not they are real investigators because we're supposed to treat them with respect like they are, although i dont think they are. but yeah. she doesnt/isnt allowed to speak english so it was crazy!!!!!! i did all the talking but es okee haha esta bien 1 we had 2 hours to plan the day before but we didnt get much done becuase we were trying to figure our how to say questions and things to ask her but we prayed like crazy and when we went in and started gonig it actually went pretty well. 25 minute lesson i might add. with my 3 years of high school spanish 4 years ago and my companion's 0 years of any language (shout out, dad ) haha it would not have been possible without Espiritu Santo! The Holy Ghost!!! boy! we went for the full 25 minutes and it was great! there were only a few times that we were awkwardly silent hahaha but words came! THE GIFT OF TONGUES IS A REAL THING AND THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG! you guys it is sooooo coll! ive never felt the Spirit so much EVER! Hay! and im like talking in like 40% spanish 60% english like all the time haaha its so crazy awesome!!!! es buenismo! 

the worst is not saying dude or guys OR YALLL LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING!??!?! hahahaha pero esta bien esta bien :) i slip up on yall all the time....

So i can now bear my testimony and say a prayer in espanol!!! how sick is that!!!!!!!!!!! the high school spanish has been coming back wayyy more than i thought it would and the Spirit certainly carries the load ahah for real!

oh, we're allowed to go to the plaza where jamba is on pdays and they have a good sandwich place there and we went there and a man gave all four of us $10 gift cards for our lunch cuz we were misisonaries and his daughter went on a mission and he was like " i know i always want people to take care of my daughter, so here you go!!!" and he treated some elders that were there, too!!! i teared up haha how nice was he/?? 

love hermnana dascanio McAwesomesauce

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Our Missionary, Hermana Dascanio

Steffi left this morning for the Missionary Training Center in Utah. She will be there for six weeks. She will attend classes in which she will learn to teach the missionary lessons, testifying of Jesus Christ, in Spanish. She will then spend the remaining 17 months or so in the Argentina, Salta mission--arriving home in about November 2015. 

This blog will be updated with excerpts from her letters home and with pictures that she sends. Her Facebook will also be kept updated with current happenings and pictures.  

She would love to hear from you! Her email address (that she can check weekly) will be added to this blog as well as the mission home address, where she can pick up physical letters monthly. 

We will miss her amazing smile, her infectious laugh, her crazy shenanigans, and all other awesomeness that makes her our fabulous girl, but we are sure that she will do amazing things for the people of Argentina as she serves as an Ambassador of Christ.