Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Our Missionary, Hermana Dascanio

Steffi left this morning for the Missionary Training Center in Utah. She will be there for six weeks. She will attend classes in which she will learn to teach the missionary lessons, testifying of Jesus Christ, in Spanish. She will then spend the remaining 17 months or so in the Argentina, Salta mission--arriving home in about November 2015. 

This blog will be updated with excerpts from her letters home and with pictures that she sends. Her Facebook will also be kept updated with current happenings and pictures.  

She would love to hear from you! Her email address (that she can check weekly) will be added to this blog as well as the mission home address, where she can pick up physical letters monthly. 

We will miss her amazing smile, her infectious laugh, her crazy shenanigans, and all other awesomeness that makes her our fabulous girl, but we are sure that she will do amazing things for the people of Argentina as she serves as an Ambassador of Christ. 

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