Thursday, June 26, 2014

Speaking is Hard; Comedy is Harder

Oh my goodness!!!! how crazy!!!!! It is awesome here! 
every single word i write says its misspelled and cuz its on a spanish computer and so if its random and weird-lo siento! haha also the shift is in a weird spot hahaha so it might be shallow on exclamation points, but know that 


so yeah all the flights were dandy. the flight to buenos aires was suuuper full and so we had to check our carrry on which was nice but also that was our backup clothes in case we lost luggage. haha so we were a little apprehensive at first,  but everything is good when your on a mission, even if you lose all your clothes! ahha 
[argentinian pronunciation]

so we land in argentina and find our bags and go through customs and enter the country presenting them with our passport and like this paper that basically says, im not sketchy and am not carrying more than 10000 dollars with me. hahaha that seemed scarier than it was haha its all good! then once we left the aeropuerto part of the aeropuerto, there were a whole bunch of lovely argentine faces greeting us saying like ROSARIO THIS WAY MENDOZA THIS WAY. WHAT MISSION ARE YOU<? SALTA? OKAY OVER THERE! mind you not one english word was uttered! and our person never arrived so the mendoza person  helped us out. lovely lady. not a member. they are just hired by the church to get missionaries to the right places! and so she was spanishing to us, gave us a sack filled with sandwiches and two huge cartons of chocolate milk to split, mind you there are 4 elders and 6 hermanas. hahah and a sack of croisssants and pastries. bahaha 

then we took like a 30 minute drive to another airport in buenos aires that isnt international and we followed this guy who didnt understand any english over to get our bags checked again. 

a few times i was like waaaa but idk the whole time ive been here i havent been stressed out #bendicion. and so that plane ride was pretty much the same as utah to texas. not bad at all. it was mostly missionaries on this little dinky plane. but they had the best snacks ever!!!! in a little happy meal like box! hahaha

anyway! landed in salta and guess who we see! 
pres and hna levrino! 

they are precious! too bad theyre leaving in like a week or two! im sure the next pres will be great though too.! oh and hna levrino was like, Your mom wrote me about you coming and stuff! hahah i was like hahaha she´s crazy! and she was like, no shes just being a good mom! hahah precioso!!! thats right mom, youre just being a good mom! 

haha and so we went on to the mission home. 

we ate so well! i learned VERY QUICKLY that no matter how good it is, eat it SLOW!!! cuz they will automatically refill your plate to the same size! ahaha we keep having this dish. its milanesa and its bomb! its basically breaded chicken with a little bit of sauce and cheese on the top. basically chicken parm. and its so good! we had it the first night at the mission home and also at two other miembros houses for lunch. oh, thats another thing. we dont go to peoples houses for dinner. dinner isnt a big thing here. its all about lunch. like as in heres two emapanadas for APPETIZER then heres 2 chicken breasts with a boat ton of rice and french bread. lots of french bread haha and ALWAYS soda cuz their water is no good. we have a waterbottle filter doobop though that makes the water we drink safe. i put mine together and was like, how do you know if it works? haha good question, yah! ahaha well. im not dead yet! 
chiste! mom calm down!° 

so my companion is hna musmano! she {s super legit! straight from buenos aires. she is 12 of 14 siblings! 3 others are out on missions! how sick!! haha oh and did i mention that she doesn{t know a lick of english! hahahah that{s what i wanted though and its fun. i havent but uttered a word of ingles since wednesday hahah. granted ie probably talked 1/64 what i normally do. hahah its fun though! my dictionary is my best friend besides my Heavenly Father. but ya know, i havent really gotten frustrated. like at all. and the people are so nice! 

pobrecita means like oh poor little thing! and so ive gotten that a lot. cuz people full fledged takl to me cuz i look mexican or latina or something and then theyre like oh she {s from the united states? and then like oh how long have you been here? oh 5 days? and you dont understand anything, do you. pobrecita! hahaha its fun though1 

and i think that i am learning quickly. speaking is hard. comedy is harder. i cant think quickly enough for that hahaha but im understanding a lotttt more. like a lot more. i got there at first and was like whaaaat but i understand a lot more now. also its weird to think in english now cuz i havent in a while. i gave myself a migraine the other day concentrating so hard. bahahah it's so great though! we have lunch with a member pretty much every day except lunes. hoy. 

the work in this area isnt hoppin too much BUT WE{RE GONNA CHANGE THAT!! we have, or they did before me but now she{s mine too, a woman with a bautismo date! hopefuly saturday! shes great! her names patricia! and she has two boys 13 and 10 i think. hopefully they will get baptized, too. 

the world cup is going on and so when argentina is playing theres literally not a soul in the streets and you can hear the commentary on everyone{s tvs as you walk hahaha and its super funny when argentina gets a goal cuz you hear houses erupt in cheers slighlty delayed from each other bahaha i love it though. 
i love the people!

we have a nice builiding pretty close. it only takes like 20 min to walk there. 
also the streets here are insane. its clear to me now that the whole ýielding to pedestrians thing´ is an american pasttime bahaha  but its almost more safe cuz you just have to watch where youre going and theres not that awkward communication between pedestrian and driver. 

being in a cab is LOCO PARA COCO!! 
no lights. no stop signs. the cabs slow down at intersections. and thats the reason why we dont have bicycles or cars ahhahaa so cool though. 

i love it already. it{s a lot of work but it is the most rewarding thing ever!!! 
i love all yall and paz y bendiciones
with love from argentina
cue music [james bond]
wa waaaa waaaaa!
con amor a ful,
hna dascanio  

Monday, June 16, 2014

Nada, Nada, Limonada

 hahahha ps how´s my ´from argentina with love´ blog going? 
im gonna be disappointed if i have less than 8 million followers. do blogs have followers? is that a thing??


Well, friends and family, I AM SO EXCITED!
snap, crackle, pop! i will be on a flight in less than 48 hours!
like whaaaaaa!!!!!!!!


first: YES I GOT YOUR PACKAGE and it was my wildest sueños! hahaha me and hna fraga at the flamin´hot fries in like 3.2 milliseconds. so thank you!
i think that im safe in assuming that they were the brainchild of the lovely mildred.
hahahaha maddy. 

okay this week: SO BUSY AND SO QUICK!
yesterday was in field training and so that was super sick--basically a 7 hour meeting, but i've noticed that if you go into everything with the right attitude and are for real trying to get stuff out of it, then you're like totally good and everything is highly pleasant! whaddayaknoww!!!! hahahah but yeah it was super good. they stressed getting referrals and involving members a TONSKIES. i didn't reallize how essential the members were in the work. like being here, im like snap crackle pop i have been a terrible member missionary! woops! that's what repentance is for though, verdad?
hahaha there's this one teacher hna steward that is HILARIOUS and she served in argentina cordoba and she always says REPENT or in spanish ARREPENTIRSE!! ahahah lolz like for the littlest things or like she loves sarcastic humor and hates puns (which i love both) and i was like WHAT PUNS ARE THE GREATEST! hahaha and she was like, it's okay you cant repent ahaha essentially so moral of the story is: GET INVOLVED WITH THE MISSIONARIES!!!! send them stacks on referral!!!! you know you gots them! also i am going to for sure obnoxious, but with all sincerity, challenge yall to get a phat stack of passaloonogs and PASS EM ALONG! it's really not hard AAAAAND ya know what you do when they try to turn down that passalong card??
you say, "well, it's okay. im sure you know someone who could benefit from/or be interested in this message"

hna lu'uakatoui!
she's the coolest in the world! she's tongan from new zealand and so she has a sick new zealand accent! love her! she's going spanish speaking lubbock texas!!! QUE BUENO NO!!!

ps that orientation night thing was funny cuz it was pretty interactive at times and since it's all missions and at main campus, everything was in english! ive never heard so much english in my life! hahaha it's funny cuz i was like my brain wasn't processing how to do missionary work in english hahaha our district was struggling a little bahaha

ps ive branched out to a new accent: jersey. it is the funniest thing ever! bahahah to get into it: just say, 'thoroughly' like over and over and you'll really feel it. bahahaha and one of the devo's we were all doing it! they call me the queen of accents or something. que maravillosa, no?? hahahahhahahahhaha oh and i did that when i was hosting once hahaha everyone was dying it was great. that new missionary totes thought that was my voice cuz of the whole jersey/italian/dascanio thing. it was perf! bhaahah well im assuming at least hahaha 


so fun fact: i just did my laundry in washign machines for the last time in a year and a half! LOCO PARA COCOA! HAHAHA

look who i found!!! hermana colby!
i never got a picture with brittany! but i saw her all the time! how lame is that!! whoops! but here we are! #precioso
ps they should email me more! hoboes! #alltalk

[Maddy's best friend who just returned from a mission in Scotland] 
HOLLA TELL HIM I SAY WASSUHH does he have an accent? a kilt? bagpipes?

the precioso hna woolley!!! she's just precious! no relation to the frozen custard, sadly
also that bicicleta falda gets stacks of complimets!! ayo!!!

here is the coolest saying!!!! it's like america's 'later alligator'
-"¿Que pasa calabaza?"
-"Nada nada limonada!"

paz y bendiciones
hasta la pasta, 
Hna Dascanio

Que bueno, no!! hahaha welp! adios! yo hablará con ustedes en lunes en la tarde!!

the best dern district en el mundo!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

MTC Week 5--Travel Visas and Catching Curve Balls

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT IT'S BEEN 4.5 WEEKS???!!!! like holy shplamoly!!!! this week by far has been the fastest!!!!! yeee!!!!!

PS: PLANES DE VIAJAR [travel plans] HAVE ARRIVED!!!!! 
AHHHHHH!!! this is sooo real!!!!!!!! 

mas feliz para palabras! un foto es un mil palabras
[too happy for words! a picture is worth a thousand words]
And that's all the information we have! so i dont know if we're going to have a 24 hour bus ride up to salta or if we're getting on a small plane up there, but yeah! haha we'll figure that out eventually! hahaha! HOW SICK!! [amazing, great, awesome!] 

our lovely teacher, hna johnson is going on vaccacion today and it´s muy triste porque nosotros dijemos adios ayer. so sad!!! she is the greatest! both of our teachers are seriously the coolest ever! it makes me want to teach here when i come back! hahah

our district with hna johnson in the middle . #precioso
 ps im travel leader.... our group is 10 people and im responsible for their lives and salvation. wait, too far? hahahaahaha (evil smirk) bhahaha yeah im not entirely sure what that entails, but im gonna be in charge of making sure that everyone checks in and is a go for everything! hahaha hopefully the power doesn't get to my head... >:) hna [hermana/sister] harper says she saw a change in me.. bahahahaha jk jk!!!

i cant' believe that this is happening! im getting sooooo excited! hearing from misisonaries from our zone [zone] that are already in el campo [the mission field/where they will teach] has just made me even more excited! haha it's so legit!!! 

you did a beautiful job, dad! that eulogy was great! grandpa im sure is proud of it and of you! glad to hear that it´s not too hard. also those pictrues are so good of all yall! and yeah! his brothers look exactly like grandpa!! loco!!! i cried when i saw all of them at the actual funeral. oy vey.

it's safe to say that ive done more selfies on the mish than any other time in mi vida haha

hna fraga´s dad is a watch designer, like a legit one for like fancy ones, and he gave us all custom designed watches that have the argentina flag on them! how sick!!! there aren't any like that besides these ones! sick! right!

oh! we hosted this week! we showed the little bebees around and put all their stuff up and showed them where their classes were! legit! and we´re gonna be hosts again next week! so sick!!!! 

9 days! sweet fancy francis!!!!!!!!

COOL EXPERIENCE! we were just doing a demonstration, but it was me and hna franks and we were teaching one of the teachers and he was the investigator and we were supposed to practice the baptismal commitment (which i have memorized hahaha por fin) and so i was like 1. freaking out cuz he's not our teacher. 2. freaking out cuz he is a teacher. 3. freaking out cuz he's a teacher. hahha and so i collected myself and was like goin for it and it started out well and then he said no. and i was like okay and so i went about it how i normally would but he was THROWIN DEM CURVE BALLS hhaha i was like, maestro! por que esta muy dificil!! hahahaand so i just thought of the scripture on the front of my journal that maddy gave me. moses 6:32 and it says "open your mouth and it shall be filled" essentially and so i was like nothing is coming nothing is coming. he's looking at me and im not saying anything. like i dont know what to say in english let alone espanol. my companion is silent. nothing is coming. then, i was like OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND WORDS WILL COME!!! and i was like alrighty! and so i opened my mouth and started by saying ¿Que.. and i kept going!!!! MY MOUTH WAS FILLED WITH WHAT TO SAY!! it´s all about faith. it´d be too easy if we just had to sit there and then the perfect sentence came to mind. we need to meet Christ partway. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL! SO MANY THINGS LIKE THIS HAVE HAPPENED THIS WEEK! I LOVE IT!!! being used as an instrument for God´s words is the greatest feeling ever! 

kay that´s pretty much this week! so good! so fast! like it felt like 2 days! agh! 
ps 9 days til argentina!! yeeeeeeehawwwwwwwww!
paz y bendiciones [peace and blessings]
mucho amor
hna dascanio

MTC Week 4--Sweet Fancy Francis! Elder Russell M. Nelson and Free Burgers

Ahhhh! HOW ARE YALLL!!!!!!!!!!?!?!??!??! 
im using the english keyboard right now, so ive got the punctuation back! hahaha 

 so this week was SO GREAT AND SO FAST! yEs! we have beebee missionaries now! they are pretty great! although our district is for real the greatest!!! hahaha we got a letter in the mail that our district has been chosen to HOST NEXT WEEK! that means like when all the beebees get off the buses and are kicked to the curb, we show them around to their apartments and drop off their luggage!!! 

so basically west side is the life! we have a creamery and we can go off campus to eat on p-days [day off] which we did today!!! 
we  went to burger supreme cuz we were all craving actual food hahaa and this lovely man paid for all 6 of us!!! and then once we had our food, another 6 hermanas came in and he paid for all them too!!!! what a sweet little man!!!! he was precious on all accounts haha! how sick right!! we're not even in el camp yet, and we're already having people feed the missionaries! so just know, that we are being taken care of! :D

OH PS ELDER RUSSEL M NELSON CAME SAY WHAAAAT!!!!! QUE PASO!!!! hahahaha how sick?! we are 3/3 with apostles!!! let's keep it rollin! so that's 8 straight weeks of aposltes for the mtC! hahaha how cray! man his talk was so good! and he didnt have a single paper! he brought his scriptures but that's it! like he did the whole thing based on the Spirit! Espiritu Santo!!! how legit! it was so good and his little wife wendy spoke and it was soooo goood too!! she talked about desperation and we were all like what? like que! what does that have to do with anything but she gave the most amazing talk about how when you are desperate to follow Christ, you will do anything to follow Him. when you are desperate to teach the gospel, you will be free from distractions; you will find the time, and you will find people who are desperate to hear it!!! HOW GOOD IS THAT!!! THE TALK WAS SO POWERFUL!!! ¡Que perfecto!  oh boy! oh boy! 


oh! and a lady from the trophy club ward put together the most grandiose package ever for me!!! it was so cute and had like 4 different kinds of granola bars, chex mix, muddie buddies, reese´s, goldfish and like everything! iwas like SWEET FANCY FRANCIS THIS WOMAN IS TOO KIND! MUY AMABLE!!! so, tell that sweet lady MUCHOS GRACIAS! AND A BIG MUCHOS GRACIAS FROM MY DISTRICT who is kind enough to help me eat it all! hahaha 

did i tell yall about the food thing! so down here in west side, the food is atrocious. but we always heard that it was better than main campus and yada yada yadda  and so one time last week we go up to main campus just for funsies (on pday) and THEIR FOOD IS SPECTACULAR! im pretty sure that their water is better, too! hahaha it was ridiculous they can get as much food as they want and it all is real and tastes so good! hahaha so we stuffed our poor starving souls, then decided that we liked west campus better cuz we wont get fat hahahaha but whoever said that over there is the better, or like oh they just have more choices but it´s the same, WAS LYING!!!! it´s heaven over there! hahahaha pero, yo soy contando mis bendiciones porque yo no gordo haahaha

me and hna franks memorized 1 nefi 3´7 to the tune of my heart will go on! hahahahaha it is so perfect! todos los hermanas en nuestro districto son muy celoso de nuestro talentosos! hahahaha 

paz y bendiciones!!!! 
con todo amor en el mundo, hna dascanio


Sunday, June 1, 2014

MTC week 3--Elder Bednar, No Ingles Lunes, and Riding the Struggle Bus

So our zone was 3 districts (there are the 3 comps in mine) and then there was an elder district and an hermana district and now theyre all gone! we were all alone for monday and tuesday!!! but!!! we got 4 new elders and 5 new hermanas on wednesday! hahha so now we're not the beebees anymore!! hahaha  So, the district that left last week got to see 6 apostles in 6 weeks! HOW INSANE IS THAT!! IT'S LIKE MAKING MTC HISTORY!!! ALL I KNOW IS THAT THEY BETTER KEEP THAT GOING CUZ THEN IT WOULD BE LIKE THOMAS S MONSON THE WEEK I LEAVE!!! HOW CRAY IS THAT!??!?! ps on wednesday we will be have been here for half the time! it's going by so quickly it's ridiculous!!!! 

But anyway, the big news this week happened on sunday devotional READY!! so, we went to devotional as per usual and were like yee i wonder if it's gonna be another aposlte!! and then we were like trying not to get our hopes up and everything and then we went in and there wasnt that cheatomatic reading thing that's there only when apostles are there (ya know what im talking about? like the thing with invisible letters of their talk and whatnot?) and so we were like ahh bummmer summer, but it's all good. so president nally (of the mtc) was like, "so, we're going to do things differently this week. we're going to play David A Bednar's 'Character of Christ.'" and so we were like okay cool! cuz apparently this was like the greatest talk ever and stuff and we wanted to see it anyway. so we were all hyped, and BY THE WAY it's the greatest talk ever! and all yall better froogle it or something to find it!!! and so that was just lovely and much needed and so the video ends and we're like waiting for a hymn or something and then all of a sudden i hear/see the people in front of me shoot up and im like oh man like what is happening!! LIKe we only stand up for aposltes. sadly, we were back a little so we couldnt see, but then we stood up to see what was going down and IT WAS DAVID A BEDNAR!!! like whatttttt!!!! and so since we already watched his talk, he OPENED IT UP TO A Q&A!!! A Q&A WITH DAVID A BEDNAR!! it was so legit!!! and he is the greatest question answerer eversauce! hahha MAN IT WAS SO COOL! AH!! i wish i could describe how legit it was, but there's nothing more than caps lock... JUST KIDDING! you CAN BOLD IT. OKAY GUYS, THIS WAS THE COOLEST THING EVER!!!! HE IS TRULY AN APOSTLE OF GOD LIKE THE SPIRIT IN THERE WAS SO AWESOME AND STAYED THE WHOLE TIME AND SWEET FANCY FRANCIS IT WAS AWESOME!!!

me and hermana yates wearing the same falda!! she bomb!
starting next week, we´re gonna be teaching twice a day! yeesh! haha we´re gonna have TRC every night except tuesday night. TRC is when you like go and teach members. like theyre not pretending to be anyone. you just teach them. which im finding is almost harder than teaching investigators haha. ps ive noticed that it´s getting really hard to spell cuz of all that español on the brain!!! like where there should be double letters, i just put one and i almost forgot what sorry was in ingles! hahaha cuz we´re talking some mad spanglish up in here! hahaha oh! so lunes was NO INGLES LUNES!!! it´s really hard to do that. we may or may not have hit pause on the ´no ingles lunes´ button for a little hahaha wooops. Fancy friday was a success again! viernes de fresa!!!!


ooh this one zrt (teacher that´s like floating, like doesnt have a class) was doing these demonstrations with us and we were supposed to practice like how to start teaching, but little did we know, he made us start outside and have to get in the door first! i froze! i tried to get in nicely like usual, but he was being SO STUBBORN! like he was like, ´´i dont believe in CHrist and all this stuff´´´and i was like okay, like so should we go- like i wanted to run. hahahhaa and my companion literally said nothing so it was me just ridin that struggle bus it was the worst! i was like if that were the field wouldnt we have just let him be yya know haha it was terrible!!! haha my compañera has got a lot better with spanish though, so thats good. it´s kinda hard sometimes when there´s nobody to lean on though like if you´re stuck, but hey! that´s what the Spirit´s for right!?!

i dont know what it  is about being a missionary, but ive been saying precious todos los días.. hahaha whaaaat  oh and sister davis is the cutest little woman. she´s lik 3´6´´ haha jk she´s like 5´ or something but yeah she´s the bomb!! and she gives the world´s strongest hugs! and the because she´s so short, you´ve gotta like bend over a lot and so she gets ya around the neck and i was for real worried about my throat for a little haha cuz she was talking to me while hugging me and i was like, ´so it only talks 65lbs of pressure to crush a throat...´ hahaha but for real! she´s the most precious woman! ahhaha

i love all yall! and ive gotta rollskies!!!! well acutally ill send some picsssssssssssss
love yall k bye!!!!!
paz y bendiciones! [peace and blessings] hahahaha

MTC week 2--Grief, Laughs, and Fruity Pebble Tilapia

Our Spanish-speaking missionary!
My maestro Hermano Vargas literally was breaking down one of the spanish words and said "it comes from the greek word..." bahaahah we all cracked up laughing!! too good. that movie is all too relevant! hahah

the devotional this tuesday was L TOM PERRY! whattup!!!! he spoke on the importance of companions and preparing and stuff and it was super good! MY whole district sang in the choir! so yall need to record on tuesday the devotional thingys cuz you´lll FOR SURE SEE MI CARA!!!! hahahah i´ll try to remember to wear something bright! haha

yesterday, i saw my name on the board to go see the office immediately later to find out that from one of the district presidents about grandpa [that he died]. i dont really know how to convey my thoughts over email, but that is crazy and unexpected. obviously im really sad. with grandpa having 3 grandchildren out serving the Lord, im sure that he is very happy up there serving his 4th mission and watching over us. Hermano Vargas is seriously the greatest man!! i came back to class and you could apparently tell that i had been crying and he took me aside to another room and asked me what had happened. He told me that he wishes that he could give me a shoulder to cry on, but just held my hands and gave me the advice i needed. he then gave me a blessing. it was the greatest and since then, ive been okay. my district of girls has been the best and so supportive and loving, so im good. today, we went through the temple and it was much needed. it´s so nice to start your day by going through the temple!!! even cooler, was when i walked in the celestial room, i felt the Spirit so strong. stronger than ever and i felt Grandpa John´s presence. it was the most peaceful thing ive ever experienced. so, i want yall to know that i am okay and more than that, i want yall to know that you are okay. get a blessing if you need. but more than anything, i know that grandpa is very happy where he is now. dont mourn him, but celebrate his great life and all he´s done for us and others. i love you all and i wish i could give you a hug right now, dad! love you! things will be okay. :) my suggestion would be going through the temple if you're really having a hard time. :)

At the Provo temple

so the food here is the same as the cannon except here at west campus, there's normally just one choice, sometimes two so sometimes it's a little sketchy. like this fruity pebble talipia that we had the other night hahaha but it's preparing us for what's to come,yeah?! hahaha esta bien esta bien! but the peaches here the the bomb, i have a banana and peaches with like every meal! hahaha i think im turning into lilly!! bhahaha but who wouldnt when they serve you fruity pebble fish?? bhahahaha that's not  a chiste.. :O hahaha

our other investigator gabbi "left for argentina" so we stopped teaching her and now she's our maestra!! haha she's the absolute coolest! like she's really short and the happiest person in the world. she just got married like 4 months ago and she is always smiling and so excited about spanish and missions and the gospel it's contagiouis!! she took us outside and then started sprinting (she can book it) and so we ran after her in our skirts and flats hahaha i was riding that struggle bus cuz my shoes kept flopping off hahaha but it was so funny we were like what just happened? hahaha she tied it into a lesson but it was super funny.

h haha in argentina they say, "ciao" for goodbye!!! how sick is that!!!!! so we've been saying that to everyone! hahaha we feel so cool! hahaha oh and cool is buenisimo! hahaha doesn't that sound italian?/ anyway, spanish has been going pretty well! it's a lot of work!!! but at the same time it's not too hard. for the most part, i understand everything, but speaking is hard to put together perfect senteces. like i can generally get the message across but lots of times it's sketchy hahaha.

She calls this her ChittyChittyBangBang dress :)
ps maddy do you remember  sitting in this spot watching a movie with devin?! hahaha #raintree!!!

OH MY I FORGOT TO TELL YALL ABOUT FANCY FRIDAY!!! I STARTED IT AND I¡S THE GREATEST THING HAHAHAA LOOK AT US! YEAh i dont know why some are blurry woops. its kinda a weird angle but esta bien!!! oh and hno vargas wore a spiffy suit and his shmancy italian zapatos!!! in spanish, it´s ´¨viernes fresa¨ hahaha fancy friday!!!
Fancy Friday (started by Hermana Dascanio because she always starts traditions!)

PAZ AMOR Y TACOS [peace, love, and tacos]