Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cool Runnings

Well! this week was by far the fastest! ay yay yay!
so! boy oh boy where do i start!! this weeek was really good! a little difficult, but nothing can stop us!!! this area is apparentyly a little difficultand nonreceptive, but im not listening to that cuz WE WILL SEE MIRACLES!! 

patricia is still waiting on her casamiento, which is kinda sad, but hey! maybe she needs the time or its a test of patience or something! her boy, joel, already had a bautismo fecha but he wasnt completely on board, and so wewere like, well pray for yourself to know and he was liike i tried! and so boy i prayedfor him a whole bunch  and it was really cool cuz in the lesson i was like well its kinda like talking to a friend, it actually is!,and you need to wait to see what they say before you leave. kinda like that one kid said in church back home, recuerde? anyway, our next lesson with them was so good! we asked him if he had received an answer and were kind of bracing ourselves for another no (shame on us!)andhe was like yes! hes 10 by the way! and we were like ah yay! AND WHAT ANSWER DID YOU GET! AND he was like THAT ITS TRUE! THIS IS THE TRUE CHURCH! ah so good! so many good things!!!! me encanta la misión! 

sometimes im writing in my journal or on here andi cant think of the ingles word and so sorry hahaha but thats a good thing, no? hahaha i would say that i understand a little more, but i would probably comparemy speech to... trying to talk to a 2 yr old on skype: all my answers are really lagged and sometimesi just look at you and i do alot of smiles hahaha but its all good!! hahaha its fun! 

oh my! and EVERYONE LOVES TO SHOW ME THEIR ENGLISH! hahaha its sooofunny! like well be walking and some little kids playing fútbol will be like: hi ho er oo! [hi how are you] thats as best as i can explain it on the keyboard hahaha oh and everyone is so flattering haahhaa like were just walking down the streets of salta and (there are people playing fútbol everywhere, all ages) and theyll just be like ¨I LOVE  YOU HERMANA¨ THERE they go again with the english hahaha and
im just like shooot heres a book of mormon for you! bahahaha and people are all ways whistling at us bahaha im like shoot you want the gospel come and get it! hahah chiste! nah its really funny though! 

OH YEAH! im in salta! tribuno,salta,argentina! and its really sweet! i love it! ill try to send a picture of the view from our
place. were not supposed to be tourists and bring our camera with us, or have it visible to the public eye...  so sorry for the
lack of picture (WHAT MOVIE!! IF YOU DONT KNOW YOURE DEAD TO ME!)HAHAH jk miss congeniality! ¨¨i recognized you from your lack of picture!¨¨ bahaha Oh yeah! salta! sorry! so yeah salta is bomb! if you wanna know what it looks like, watch the beginning of Inception. is that argentina at the beginning? i think so... anyway it looks like that! 

ahh this keyboard will be the death of me. my fingers literally hurt from how hard im hitting the keys! agh!! hahaha also i formally apologize for the horrendous spelling and grammar. aint nobody got time for dat! ahahhaa 

so everyone in argentina is like up to my shoulder. i wish that were an exaggeration bahahaha talk about Big Person Little World bahahaha haha shout out laura and your favorite midget show! bahahaha but seriosusly! all the trees are also really low but everyone just walks under them just fine (like on the sidewalk) and im like ducking every 20 feet! hahaha also i need to figure out how tall i am in centimeters cuz i have 0 idea #woops 

oh my goodness! the KEYS! LA LLAVES! the keys here are all like old fashioned keys [skeleton keys] like moms old key on her car key doobop! its the coolest thing ever! and so el obispo, the bishop, has like a million right, and so he looks like dadgum the sheriff of nottingham with his key ring! ITS THE COOOLEST THING EVER! hahaha 

oh and HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!! i forgot about it! how unpatriotic! ah! but we had a zone conference on that day and so one of the other missionaires from los Estadus Unidos told me happy 4th and i was like oh hot dang! lookey there! haha 

also did yall read alma 26 when i told you to! betta have! hahah too good right! ahh i love el libro de mormón! also i put pictures of the fam in there and so its bomb! i showed one family, theyre less active, i forget why families got brought up but i was like oh i have my family right here and they the wife was like ah!!! CHIQUITITOS!!! (lilly and nick) she marveled at them for a solid 3 minutes hahah  especially niko! hahaha cuz like chiquito is like small,right and so chiquitito is like tiny like oh so cute litlle chiquitito! i should have counted how many times she said chiquitito! bahahah 
rosita chaquita wonita chihuahua 

oh yeah! we have a new presidente de misión! hes awesome! at the zone conference we met him and his family! love them ya!  

oh! and ya (pronounced sha) is everyone in argentina´s favorite word! its like means: over here, this way, already, go,
ANYTHING! like hna musmano is always like ¨¨vamos para ya¨¨ or ¨¨no es más para ya¨¨ hahhaa too funny 
i love hymns in spanish!  oh also TODAY IS 2 MONTHS ON THE MISH! can you believe that! SCARY!!! 

oh story time! so we had just finished a lovely lesson with belen and her mom, belma(they are bomb btw but they didnt go to church! ah!) but anyway and so we were un poquitito tarde. which is fine if you were in a lesson, but we wanted to run back cuz funsies right and so were liike light jogging and this 
EVIL DOG COMES barreling around the corner and is chasing us! not us, ME! 
and i was like WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH 
and so i start high tailin it like, straight bookin it, like my adrenaline was pumpin 
and i was runnin like a jamaican. 
just call me usain bolt! 
hahaha and then the dog GOT ME AND I WAS LIKE im not going down like this perro!!!! 
and so he had my skirt and i kicked my leg back at him and he let go and so i start booking it otra vez, only to realize that my shoe was off (curse you tiny tim the baby foot!) hahaha 
and so were like 30 feet away and i was like HERMANA AYUDAME! TIENE MI ZAPATO!!! 
and she was like no its fine, lets go! and i was like NOI NEED MY SHOE! 
AND she bucked up and tip toed towards the dog, got my shoe and we ran off hahaha how CRAYYYY!!!! ay hay hay! and i wasnt hurt at all! all i can say is that God is watching out for us for sure and garments really are a protector! 
like for real! it didnt get to my skin! how awesome! 

well, i love you all. 
know that i am well. todo bien! 
eatin pasta like a boss hahaha and loving it! 
the work is great. the work is His and AHHH I LOVE IT ALL!!

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