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Make Like Luke's Sister, and LEA!

This was on the Salta Argentina Facebook Page :)
love you all and sorry its supppper short this week. i dont have timeeee!!! also this computer is brokesville!! 
so first i want to share the name of one of the barrios here (neighborhood) Aybal. 
pronounced like eyeball hahahhaa i died!!!!

lets see this week was a little odd. insanely fast i cant even get a grip of what day it is!!! were teaching daniel still. hes a little hard to get a hold of but he is awesome! when we teach you can see the Spirit working in his eyes i love it!!!!! its super cool how ah its the truth! as we teach its like the Spirit is testifying to us and him and i love it! did i already share the edified scripture? dyc 50-22 
make like luke´s sister and "LEA!" hahahaha that was a good one! 
hahahaha that means "read" and is pronounced like princess lea hahahha 
anyway after one of the lessons, i felt the Spirit sooo strong. like my chest could burst. 
i felt like liesel in the sound of music weeeeeeeee except i didn't just kiss a nazi. 

also can someone tell me where dexter´s going haha?
the conferencia para las mujeres was rockin!!! we watched in spanish obviously and it was awesome maddy are you going to conference? i will look for you! they always pan the people! haha but yeah it was sooo goood! and President Uchtdorf bajó la caña, no? haha (he was like bam bam bam) haha too good! 

well yall i love it here. we are working a lot with the ward and will continue  to work harder with them.  we're gonna look for more opportuniteis to serve them and strengthen el barrio. but i love this area! and im so glad that i've had this area as a starting point. although i dont like to say it. but it is a very hard area. the people aren't too receptive. but i've learned that that doesn't matter because God has people ready en todo lugar. we just have to find them, and it makes the little things that much sweeter. 

it's interesting there's a lot of menos activos here and people who ´´use´´ the church. i think that that is a big problem everywhere. the gospel en realidad, heals people and so that is why it can be even more appealing to broken people, but the thing is is that once you're healed or helped, you can't put it aside ungratefully. God doesn't require much, but he requires a broken heart and a contrite spirit--humility. we need Him even when we prosper and have our health. we need Him. read helamán 11. it's really good. it talks about a people soo wicked that they're just killing each other and so nefi begs the Lord for a different pestilence so that these people will have humility and remember the Lord. but see what happens. analyze this chapter. personally, i love to analyze it. 
welp, that's all she wrote. (that's the quote, i'm not talking about myself in third person) haha just want that to be clear. 

hows y'alls scripture study going? there is such strength that can be found in the scriptures. i've learned(am learning) to looove the Book of Mormon. right now i absolutely love to read it. in Preach My Gospel it talks about how you can frequently partake of the invitacion at the front of the Book of Mormon and ask God if it´s true. i think that that is a beautiful thing. remember your testimony. strengthen it. these truths are solid, unbreakable, unbendable, unquestionable. nobody can ever tell you that you didn't feel something. also maybe for FHE look up that talk by Elder Holland to pump y'all up for the Book of Mormon and also General Conference! 

oh and Dallin H oaks wrote an awesome quote about note taking. he said that (more elegantly put) don't write word for word what they say. yes there are quotes here and there that are beautifully put, but it is more important what you learn, what you feel. the revelation you receive. and how you choose to respond to the things you hear. (guidance, goals) i love that cuz lots of times im too preocuppied with trying to remember words that i miss out on parts of the talks or in the end when i review my notes i don't remember why i wrote a certain thing. love you all with the white hot intensity of the big hoss tv...if it had a white screen. hahahlove yall
hermana dascanio
{the following week}

ahhh!!! what can i say in 7 minutes!!!! 
the work is great ahhh cnference was fantastic!!!!!!! too powerful no! i take it that we better follow the prophet, no??!! saturday i listened in spanish which was too cooL! there wasn't an option saturday, but i could understand just fine so that was bomb. i'm sure there are details and things that i didnt get so  im looking forward to when it's in the liahona. sunday though was English, so hayy! awesome!!!! ah i loved the talk by elder eduardo gavaret i think where he, habló sobre adonde miraba. y como Jesucristo es la unica persona que nunca olvidó hacia donde mira. me encanta! en todas las cosas, debemos mirar a Dios y solo a Él. habia muchos discursos que me encantó. lo siento que no pude hablar mucho. quiero que sepan que les amo muchísimo. y que yo recibí su paquete! me encanta! tal vez la más mejor cumpleaño!!!!! gracias por todo! especificamente los fotos!!!! ah! por todo en realidad! lilly y niko! sus dibujitos son tan buenos!!! muy bien y muchas gracias! ciao! sepan que estoy orando por ustedes muchísimo. gracias por sus oraciones y apoyo. 
pazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  amor y cangrejos hahaha
hna dascanio
{this is from last week, mom is FINALLY up to date! Sorry, y'all!!}

over the past little while, i have learned a lot about humility. i think im a pro now. (insert 'datum tss' here) hahahah but in reality it´s true. after the coming of Christ, the Law of Moses was fulfilled and all God desires from then on is a broken heart and a contrite spirit. when you truly think about what that means, it´s powerful. here on earth, we are here to essentially to 5 things. 
1.have faith in Jesus Christ
2. show that faith through repentance
3. baptism
4. receive the gift of the Holy Ghost
5. endure to the end
to progress, we must humble ourselves and accept this plan of His. most of us are in the endure to the end phase. narrow is the way, but sure is the way to eternal life. our guide is as reliable as a guide can be. and here, i"m learning that always we need to humble ourselves and for lack of a better phrase, ´´give the props´´ to God. As missionaries and as members, we are NOT the teachers. it does not matter how skilled   you are with people, talking, sharing feelings, teaching--the Spirit teaches the message through worthy instruments. and recently, i've been realizing more and more that as i get ´´better´´ here in the mision, it is still the Holy Ghost that does everything. everything in this life is about humility. we need to be humble to ask for help yes, but we must be humble to receive the help. i'm not entirely sure where im going with this, but these are just some thoughts and things ive learned recently (am learning). 

hna olazo and i are receiving buckets of references! and it's awesome!!!! and from that, we are finding new investigators. surely the work progresses according to our faith and dilligence. fabricio  recently has been difficult to find. but we found him this weekend and he still has his baptism date for 25 de octubre. he just needs to focus and put forth his efforts. but all is well!! oh yeah the bishop told us 1 min before church that the both of us had 10 min talks to give. hahaha too fun. but it went well! 
all i can say is THE GIFT OF TONGUES/THE SPIRIT :) haha 

also, i want to give a part of my testimony that God knows us and understands us perfectly. He understands how we think, the way we feel, and He personally has felt that way before. He has overcome all for us that we might humble ourselves and accept Him as necessity. Let us never mistake His plan of infinite mercy, for reasons to not act now. we must humble ourselves because we need Him now. 

also, were gonna have a conferece for just the hermanas. 
can you say ROAD TRIP!?! (legally blonde hahhahah)

also mom can you send a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. the normal awesome one of dads! por favor! everyone here worships chocolate chip cookies hahhaha one family came up to me and was like do you know the american cookie with little chocolates?? do you know how to make them? hahaha we'll see! sorry ya got stuck with this gringa! hahahaha
love you all un monton!
more than heffalumps love woozles
hna dascanio

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