Sunday, October 19, 2014

Oh It Was Beautiful! Hermoso! Lindo!


[photo not included as we don't have permission to put up a picture of little Clarita. Just imagine a beautiful, smiling little girl with an every smilier Hermana Dascanio and Olazo] 
so when you see the foto im sure the first thing youre thinking is ´´hermana dascanio, how is your hair so luxuriously smooth? you didnt bring your straightener??´´ well first, thank you for the compliment, and second, i have a fshion secret for you!!! i IRONED MY HAIR! hahaha my hair is indecisive and didnt know if it was straight or curly, so i put my head on the ironing board and ironed it! dont worry, it was on silk, (cuz my hair is silky soft hahah) turns out that that didnt work and after i love tapped my head with the iron, hna olazo helped me in a more civilized manner and ironed my hair! hahaha and it works! kids dont try this at home!!! hahaha

oh it was beautiful. hermoso! lindo! and Clarita looked like a little angel!!! something really cool happened (lots of things but here's one) so i was to give the talk before the baptism and i had it all written out becuase of the language barrier and yada yada and so i started and it was really dificult to talk. i kept losing my place as i was reading and i dont know it didnt feel right. but i had a moment where in my head i pictured Kronk shoulder angels and i was like, Am i going to submit to this fear or am i going to buckle down and trust in the promise of doctrine and covenants 100:4-8? 
[it talks about how you will know in the precise moment what to say and that the Spirit will testify of your words] 
 and so i looked up into the crowd and opened my mouth and went off. and was talking and talkng and it was about things that i wasn't planning on saying. and most importantly el papa de clarita was paying a ton of attencion and was nodding his head and had tears in his eyes! i was talking about baptism por claro, pero after about how the gospel blesses the families and changes the hearts of people. it was beautiful the moment!!! afterwards, the ordinance was hermosa!!! and he wsa crying a ful!!! oh you all i cant describe it! and capslocks really stress me out so im not doing them too much but yeah it was the greatest thank you so much for your prayers!!!!!! and fe!!! y esperanza!!!

okay can i just say that 
1. briggs is a little man! and 
2. that that is the greatest that he baptized his friend!!!! ah!!!!!i  am sooo proud briggs!!! you are such a good man and so strong. i've always admired that you've never been hesitant to talk about the gospel with others. way to go!!!!!!! ahhH!!!! so proud!!!!!! 

real quick shout out to nana! como esta!!!!! nana banana!!!! 
now I'm hungry--not that i want to eat you nana, just like banana bread or something... 
that escalated quickly... haha i love you!!!

so the work. the work is awesome and me and hna olazo work really well together. she is teaching me so much about how to me more bold and teach with better unity. she trusts me a lot to talk and ah its awesome! we work well together!!!! 

so mom i have to tell you somehting. i can make my hands sweaty and dry on command. and its really weird and ask maddy or scooter or momi to testify! and so i was doing it cuz its fun and we were walking like pioneers and then i pictured a conversation between you and me. i know you are thinking ´´why ever would you want to make your hands sweaty?´´ ´´so i can dry them´´ hahaha dwight!!!!

lets see. life is awesome!!!! i dont know what to say!!

fabricio right now is a little bit difficult to find. i think that his grandma is having some influence because there was a problem when we said that we don't worship the saints and the virgin. we tried to explain how they are great people and we admire Mary a lot for her obedience to God but it says in the commmandments that we dont worship any other gods but after that, he's been hard to find. speed bump nothing more. were praying for him. 

OH HEY! so after the baptism, like the day could get better we were walking and it was 9:15 and so we were like hmmm where to go cuz we need to be in the pensión by 930 unless we're in a lesson then its 10 and so i felt strongly to visit this one investigadora that we haven't visited in a while and so we went and her son answered the door and we almost were like, oh okay we´ll return in other moment but we asked if we could share the message with him and he said yes! and said that he wants to become closer to Christ and we had one of the most spiritual lessons ever!!! and he acccepted a fecha to be baptized 18 de octubre!!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST WORK IN THE WORLD GOZO TENGO GOZO EN MI ALMA SIEMPRE!!!
ah too good.
well im gonna try to respond to some peeps (not the marshmallos)
peace punch captain crunch
thanks for all the support always 
love you all also mom hna garibay says that youre beuatiful :)
then she said that we´re twins.. so double yay hahaha
yall are the bomb diggity 5000
love hna dascanio
ps watch your conference for women or whatever its called!

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