Sunday, December 14, 2014

Loco Por Coco Puffs!

 i have 10 min. so let's see how fast these babies can ROLLLLLLLLLL #WORKIT hahaha.
 well this week has been awesome!!!! let me just say that yes, on Sunday i had a talk and then i taught gospel principles! hahaha it's too fun though! and it's like no worries,hahaha. 

i think the rats are back. but we found another pension cuz this ones basura hahaha. nah, but the elders are gonna move into ours and were gonna move to another one that's actually in our area! cuz we have to walk like 10 min TIL WE GET in our area hahahah. welp the joys! hahaha 

well, Emiliano went to church and that's his 3rd asistencia and he is progressing a ful and 
ah this kid! have i told y'all about him? 
short story shorter. his family is not Christian, so we have been basically teaching him who God is and starting from the beginning and he is progressing enserio!!!! ahhh!!!! he has such a strong testimony and only wants that his family will be happy and to live with God again!!! and he testified the libro de Mormón that no person would write this book. or could. it was soooo awesome!! ahh milagros! 
this is the last week of the transfer. fastest yet. ahhh i want to stay with hna rengifo sooo bad! for navidad and then yall can talk to her! ps sorry i can't write people individually but thanks for the emails! 
Maddy sorry! love you! are you better now? 
encourage all yall to read every day and i promise that you will see a difference in our lives!!!! love you alll!!!!!! 
oh mom. aurora in Spanish means 'dawn.' fun fact. 

first of sorry it was so short last week there was a holiday and no store was open to use their computers!!!! 
but anyway here we go! 
this week was the greatest ever!!! so we start and monday Emiliano turned really quiet and sad during a lesson and we had thought that, i don't know, we had offended him  or something ... and we were like ahhhhhhh  and super scared cuz of his date is saturday right and so we were like, "what if, what if?" blah blah but then we knelt down and prayed to know if he should be baptized that day and ahh! the most peaceful peace came over me and we both KNEW THAT yes!!! and so we continued and ahH! it was so awesome! from then on we were like yessss and, long story short, he was fine and it was something else, and when we went over the baptism questions for his interview the last one is talking about how he will be making a convenat con Dios for the rest of his life and does he feel like he is ready or prepared. and he paused for like 30 seconds and we were like whaa and then he said. "yes. because i've been praying that God would prepare me for my baptism!!!" ahhh! this kid is toooo awesome1 he has a conversion en serio! 
and so Saturday came around and first of all everyone's tardy to everything in Argentina. i know youre thinking ´´mormons are tardy to everything´´ no, mormons are slightly unpunctual. argentinos arrive half an hour to an hour after they should hahaha and so we are running around 
  • we arrive at 7. (the baptism is at 7) 
  • and we start putting up all the chairs (there aren't pews) 
  • (it's hotter than Africa) 
  • the elders aren't here. 
  • Presidente Santillán isn't there. 
  • and so were like whhaaa. 
then people start coming at 715 o 720 Emilinao comes! solo! he walked from his house with his cousin to his baptism! ahhh mi corazon! (my heart!) and then his family ended up coming then when we were almost ready president left for an emergency but we popped in the resauration (restoration) video and then at 830 finally it started
and it was BEAUTIFUL!!
ahhHH!HH! and ahh this kid is the coolest! and he really loves the gospel and the church and ahhH!!! its perfect!!! so after we were like, "okay you need to make sure to come early for sacrament to recieve the Holy Ghost" and he was like, "yes!" and we were like,  "and if you don't wake up?" and he was like, "i will!" and i was like, "and do you want us to come by to bring you?" and he was like, "no i think hna... will come" and i was like,  "and if she doesn't?" and he was like, "i'll go solo!" ahhH! mi bebe! 
this kid is an example to anyone!! i have such love for him!!! he has such a sweet spirit
(while im thinking of it, yes you can post the fotos) 
and so then he  was confirmed and later received the priesthood!! 
he will be passing the sacrament! 
ahhh1111! alma 26!!!!!!!

NUESTRA BEBÉ! (our baby, hahaha!)

(Elder Allan who baptized him)


oh and then later there was a torment!!! (storm?)  
precisely after the baptism, the lights went out and it looked like a hurricane outside! and we live a 30-35 min walk from the chapel and it was pouring and we didn't have money(of course) hahahah and so we were like, we'll just walk in the rain! and then it started to HAIL! IT WAS GIGANTIC! 
this foto was taken after it had melted a lot. it was about twice the size! hit me in the back! it was loooocoooO!!! but so fun! we were absolutely soaked!!!! 

oh and hna rengifo and i are together for christmas!!! ayyyyoOO!OO!OO!O!O! 
so yall will get to see her! she's practicing her English!!! 

THIS IS MY AGENDA FOR 4 DE DICIEMBRE!!!!sorry i didn't send anything!  i will but you won't get it this week. obviously.
cuz hedwig left and can't send my letters hahahhaa
love you all soooo muchhhhhh lve goottta go. 
i wanted to explain the storm better  cuz it was 
looocococo  por coco puffs! 
hahaha but welp i don't have time. just know that that storm was a testament that it's los últimos días hahaha
love yall
hermana dascanio


well family!!! did yall get to watch the christmas devotional? we were misinformed and thought that is was next week. and so we missed it! it was super late, too and so i don't know if we could've but anyway. ahhh today is another holiday here! i'm telling ya there are holidays almost every monday and it's a real pain! haaha cuz EVERYTHING is closed! and so that means that we can't got to a cyber and print and write and so it's the worst, cuz we have to go fetch the golden key from presidente and write in the church, which isn't too bad but we have to share it with the zone leaders and they're fixin to come any second so i must hurry! 
ahh all this christmasness is making me full of holiday cheer!!! ps did yall set up the village? if no, set it up... hint hint.... also here it doesn't look or feel a dern thing like Christmas, which i think is a good thing because of the way i am with Christmas. 
i loooooovve it!!!!! 
but it's just hotter than Africa and there are tormentas (storms) about once a week. i love them though it's hilarious. the people like have a sense for them. we were at the house of a family and the son walks out and stops. doesn't say anything, and looks up and goes--its gonna rain. and nothing else hahah i was like, what. i'm tellin you these people can read the clouds or something! the really fluffy 3-d looking white clouds mean tormenta en 3....2....1... hahaha so that's fun! 
we'll take better Christmas pics después, but we were just overcome with holiday cheer! 

it's hotter than Africa, the irony of snowmen right now....
let's see. we decorated our apartment. still waiting to see if we can move. things are complicated. [insert avril lavigne here] this week was really good! super fast! everyday there's more stuff awesome, so it's hard to distinguish the days sometimes. were gonna receive more info, but for the call we can do it on the 24th or 25th. we're thinking 25 mejor no? maddy set up the skype so that's all good. ask her for the info. also it's 40 minutes. and that's all the info i have about that. oh hahaha so we have this investigadora and her name is Berta and she is 74 and hilarious! and so we visited her cuz she was a referral and this was like a month ago. and she talks and talks and talks and so it was hard to teach her but longs story short we visited her agian and she had cigarettes on the table and a big thing of tea and so we were like well, word of wisdom! hahah and so we start with that and actually had a really good lesson. she wants to feel more healthy and so she said that she will quit smoking and drop the tea and so we went about 4 days later to visit her and asked how she was doing and she quit smoking! not one!!!! ahah how awesome! but (reference real quick: maté codido is like an herbal tea that EVERYONE LOVES HERE) and so we went and she was like, "well you see i had to ask for permission from God to drink tea cuz i didnt have mate cocido!" hahahahaha and we were like, whaaa she prayed for permission! but she's really great  hahaha welp. find and drink some holiday sprite for me! sorry that this letter is short! blame the holidays or the liders de zona! thanks for your letters! and dad i'm excited to hear about your christmas class! and nick and mom you're beasts and i'm proud of you for your reidneer romp! and lil, you best be  playin your violin for me!!! hahaha love you all! and maddy love youuouuuuuuu! i havent read your card seeing as you just sent it but love you oh and sarah! i can't open the fun cards!!!!! sorry! but love yall!
love hermana dascanio ho ho ho haha

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