Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Two Turtle Doves and an Ostrich in a Pear Tree

[bad mama blog administrator...catching up with pre-Christmas emails and pictures]

cue relient k´s 12 days of christmas
(that wasnt´ a joke, this letter must be read with the accompaniment of that song )

soo family, i just have to say merry early Christmas!!!! and i just have to ask...which Christmas movies have yáll watched? kranks? santa claus 1 and 2? the grinch? those are the essentials yah? hahaha well. the christmas cheer over here, on a scale of 1-10 is a solid 3.14. i dont know, it´s like the people aren´t too excited for it. i guess it´s different culture thing? 
 but me and hna rengifo are PUMPED and so we are spreading the cheer. 
and so right now the christmas cheer is at a solid 9 -3/4. (haha) 
i thought i was close to licking my elbow. la hermana rengifo told me que me he equivocado... hahahah

ahhh! we had a zone training thing and it was bomb. we were talking just about the whole time about Christ and ahhh it was glorious! and the testimony that one can give of Jesus Christ is soo powerful!  that has been one of our goals for this week and it´s awesome so far. to testify more of Him. we testify tanto del Book of Mormon, the prophets, the Church. but have realized that we need to better that aspect enserio!!!! anyway the training was super awesome about how we can utilize any part of the Book of Mormon to testify of Christ. the Book of Mormon is sooo important and it itself, every verse, testifies of Christ as our Savior and Redeemer. also im reading Jesus the Christ. in english, i found one in the pension! haha it´s awesome!"!! 

let´s see. oh! so theres this girl Cecilia and she´s bomb! and she has a baby chiquitita (1 month). she´s a menos activa that 
we´ve been visiting for a while but just recently we´ve been talking to her husband! por fin! he is really shy and wasn't interested but we had a lesson bomb with him! and he´s reading the book of Mormon and already went to church with us 2 times! his name is walter!!!!! and they're awesome!!!!! and im so sorry but i have to go! i have 2 min. 

i just want yall to know that i kNow that Jesus is the Christ. That he came to earth to fulfill the will of the Father and becuase He has soo much love for us. He lived a perfect life and suffered soo much for us. He suffered so that we can have hope. He fulfilled perfectly his role as the Christ. and He lives! I encourage yall to study more of Him. of His life. Of His birth! and during this season rejoice! because He did it! 
He fulfilled the will of The Father and made that we can live again in the presence of them! 
i love yall and merry early Christmas!!!
looooove hermana dascanio
feliz navidad!!!

y christmas conference. las hermanas y presidente chaparro!
In response to when she was going to call on Christmas Day: 
well thats a good question, what time....... a ver
between 530pm and 7pm this time. and so its 3 hours different no? so 230pm-4pm 
and don't worry imma call earth if the first one doesnt work! hahaha 
AHHH im sooo excited!!! i dont know what to say right now!!!! just like weeeeeeeeeee! and feliz navidad!!!!! also i haven't spoken english in sooo long hahaha it´s easier to think and write in english than speak right now but never fear! hahaha

ahhh we had the Christmas conference this past week! ahhh Its was BOMB! an we did a white elephant gift exchange!!!! i dont know what i should say cuz were gonna SPEAK SOON! hahha

"and sooooooo im offeriiiiiiing a simple phrase. to kids from 1 to 92. tiny tots with their eyes on a gloooooobe..." 
ah me equivoque no? i need to hear that song!! hahaha me and hna rengifo sing the chrismtas hymns nonstop hahaha
ahhh look who was at the conference!! hermann yates and hermann garibay! (all from tucumán)
hermana garibay!!!! shes my lider now!!! (garibay) remember i lived with her in salta!
welp SEE yall thursday! tell me y'all have made magic cookie bars????' also were gonna be skyping (finally remembered yalls questions) from  the house of presidente santillan! presidente de la rama! the night before they invited us to eat with them. were allowed to eat with members only if we can have transportation by a car of an member. or else we have to be in the pension before it's dark. it's sad to say that the people ´´celebrate´´ so hard with drinking and you name it. cuz it does get pretty sketchy but rest assured all snug in your beds with visions of sugar plums dancing in your heads that we have a dinner! and all is sweell! as for chrismtas day, we dont have a dinner so we´ll be turning in early.... come to think of it... i dont know what we´ll do cuz we dont have a refrigerater to buy stuff today.... dennys? its an american institution! hahaha and hey dont worry! i bought myself a present! like yall commanded me to! hahah a red shirt! you can see it inthe fotos of the conference! sorry but imma rap it still! hahaha also can yall tell me what money i have just for a reference i already took out money about a month ago but used a lot of it for the mission cuz we are having problems with getting our asignacion (money of the mission) sooo yeah gracias! also bueno! if yall havent seen the He is the Gift video WATCH IT!!!
love yall and SEE YA SOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!! 

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