Friday, January 23, 2015

The Cows Here Must Drink Koolaid

Pictures from the Christmas Skype phone call, a.k.a. the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR ALL OF US THIS YEAR!
Hermana Dascanio!

One of the highlights of the call was being able to talk to her cousin, Elder Whit Bowman who is serving his mission in  California.

At the Mission Christmas Party/Gift Exchange

As you might have seen, i didn't write yall on monday. but before you think,  why hermana? we were waiting so anxiously (anxious, excited definitely (name the movie))and we didn't hear from you! well this week pday is wednesdy! and so yes, i am using the computer with permission haha that was weird, to work on monday and stuff!! 

but yeah IT WAS SOOOO AWESOME TO SEE YALL!!!! when we hung up i was like what did i even say!!! i'm so sorry that i was like starstruck or somehtng! i couldn't even believe it!!!! just know that i was soooooo happy!!!!! it just might hold me over til may hahaha afterwards i was like worried that i didn't say enough or didn't let yall say enough! i hardly talked to yall individually! so sorry! well now we know waht to do this next call haha! yall that was the hardest thing! [speaking english]
 it wasn't frustrating cuz i was so darn happy but still i was like ahhH!!! hahaha for some reason its sooo much easier to type. although yall told me that you need a urim and thummim to understand hahaha too funny i thought my emails were GOLDEN! hahah but anyway! 
hey you all look sooo much older lilly and nick-- 
and nick dont worry i don't think youre gonna be an uncle before i'm back hahaha 
and lilly su ears!!!! (in the voice of martin the butler) AND youve got your ears pierced! hahahaha watch that movie for me!!!! 

also tell me some deets on the iphone 6-what are the main new features? que cheta! hahaha when i come back imma purchase an iphone 11 hahaha 

and so your Christmas was bomb? what are your plans for today? [New Year's Eve] stay safe! and watch lots of fireworks! i think we have dinner with hermana roxana. she's the bomb! she's the presdienta of the relief society. and well i hope that yall are doing just swell!! love and miss yall soo much! also tell aunt vivi sorry that we hardly talked!!!! but i was sooooo glad to see her!!!!!!!!! opa! hahaha

this week was very Christmasy! obviously and fun! we ate wayyy too much. hahhaa and the steak here is unbelievable. the cows here must drink koolaid cuz they're delicioussss! hahahah 

Let´s see. this week more than ever i've felt like an instrument in the hands of God. like i don't know how to describe it, just that i'm depending more than ever on Him and when we truly let your mind be sensitive to the Spirit, you WILL know what to say and you WILL know how to say it. you WILL find scriptures to help and support you. there was this experience with a menos active this week and it was incredible. we had nooo idea what to say to her but brought the Spirit with us, testified, and a scripture popped in my mind and it was like bambambam she ended up crying and so did i. she's really special and for me, i love to teach the less actives or inactives. sure lots of times your swimming against the current, but when you find one and you can feel that you came to show God´s mercy. that in this moment God is giving them a second chance, it's unbelievable. IT´S NEVER TOO LATE! something that hermana rengifo always says is that one of the most difficult things for man to do is remember. that's why in the scriptures it always says remember, remember --like a million times! we need to help all to remember their covenant. 
also update, romina, the one that testified on the radio is going to the church every week!!!! she´s the bomb!!!

wellppppp i love you all and thank you so much for all that yall doooo to support and all the love that you all always share!!!! PROSPERO AÑO Y FELICIDAD! WAAAAYOOOO!!!
i wanna wish you a merry Chrsitimas i wanna wish you a Merry Christmas, i wanna wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heaaaaaaaaart! hahaha 
hna rengifo and i are always singing that hahaha she can sing perfectly in english! and hey how good is her english, no!!! she can speak it! can't really understand it and thats why she said ´´awesome i dont know what youre saying´´ hahaha too capa ella! and love you all
have a happy new yearrrrr!!!!!!!! ps 2015 whaaaaaat! 
love yall with the white pipin hot intensity of all the fireworks in the skyyy!!!
hermana dascanio
ps looooooooooooove the fotos!!!!!!!!!! nick is a man!!!!!

well we had predicted it! hna rengifo left and guess where she is? SALTA guess where? TRIBUNO 1!! WHERE I WAS!!! how funny!!!! i just got word that she´s all good!  

transfers are always piles of sunshine and daisies. and so yesterday i knew that we would be at the bus terminal all night so i was like, okay i'm gonna go prepared. these bathrooms don't have toilet paper or soap--yes you heard me correctly. and it's not that they're out or anything, they don't provide toilet paper or soap. sicknast 5000. so i was all prepared and i put a roll of toilet paper in my bag! hahaha yess! and a bar of soap in a ziploc bag and then i was like okay the terminal is outside and so im gonna bring a jacket so that i'm not cold or so that i can have like a pillow. so i bet you're right now asking yourself what could go wrong? YOU BROUGHT YOUR OWN SOAP, YOURE SET! well. i forgot my chacket and it was FREEZING last nigh! THERE was a storm  ( i finally remembered that word, i've been trying to think of "storm" for about a month now. don't ask me why i didn't look in the dictionary) haha well and so what happened was was that i was freeeezing!!!! and there's no place to lay down obviously and with a skirt you can't curl up into a ball in a chair!! it was horrible! well all us missionaries were talking and stuff so that was super fun so it wasn't horrid, but the bus for salta for hna rengifo left at 345 and then we tried to ´´sleep´´ -- picture me sleeping. sitting down. now picture my face on my knees. yep that's how it was hahahaha there was no other option!!! and i woke up about every sleep cycle shivering. so that was fun hahaha but hey experiencias! also i got to sleep 2 hrs when we got to Concepcion again so that was lovely haha but hey my compañera is awesome! she´s from guess where PERU! hhaha 3rd peruana! but she doesn't like rice so i don't know if i cant trust her... hahaha! nah she's awesome and we have high hopes and goals and visions for this area! im super excited!

oh before i forget.. I GOT CHRISTMAS!! i got the package and honey bunches of oats( i mean cards)!!! thank you everyone!! and HEY THE NATIVITY IS THE COOLEST THING EVER WE SET IT UP AND TOOK A PICTURE but CANT SEND PICS RIGHT NOW AND THE PLAN OF SALVATION IS THE GREATEST!!!! I NEEEEEEEDED ONE!!! esp cuz we always used the one from hna rengifo and i didn't hve one! so thanks! shout outs to the people that mailed me cardes. ´´muchísimas gracias a: maddy, lilly, niko, dad, mom, nana, the tallmadges, sister hawkes, sister rawe, anabel anderson, and if i forgot you im so sorry but tHANKS FELIZ NAVIDAD, PROPSERO AÑO Y FELICIDAD A TODOS!!!!!
that was the best to receive all that! thanks so much for your thoughtfullness and looove!!!! 

espiritual thought: BEAR YOUR TESTIMONY. i'm learning recently the IMPORTANCE IS GIGANTIC. the difference is obvious. the Spirit that we can bring when we testify is unlike anything we can imagine. people become converted because the Spirit testifies to their hearts. how great will be our joy if we can be but an instrument in the bringing of souls to God! (d&C16) i dont have English scriptures with me. also that's from memory in spanish so its a little sketchy to begin with. but yes. people can say whatever, can have doubts, argue, try to find loopholes and falsities in the doctrine Of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints. but they can't say ANYTHING about what we KNOW TO BE TRUE. it´s like hunger. a person can say ´´you're not hungry´´ but you know that you are.because you feel it. you know it and you can tell the person. and there´s nothing they can say to change that. because it's true.
i want to close saying that i know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is true. i Know that it is the same church that Christ himself established when He was on the earth and that it is now here. restored and we can recieve all the blessings of it when we abide completely and diligently its teachings. I know that the prophet Thomas S Monson is the only profet of God in the earth right now. That he directs the church here on the earth and that the Head of the Church is Christ. That God is the same yesterday, today and forever and that His misericordia and grace are sufficient to those that humble themselves and ask.
i say these things in the name of Jesus Christ amen
loooooooove hermana dascanio

 haha remember when we always said "sauce" after everything?? hahah ahh writing right now is a struggle i'm phonetically spelling according to rules of spanish.. hahaha it's really inefficient cuz i delete every word i type hahah. oh maybe that's why my typing is better than my speaking... cuz you can't delete the words you speak. 
haha the daughter of presidnete santillán was joking the other day and said,  "haha remember that you cant speak english right now?" it was really funny

welp. this week was boooomb!!! we are finding a lot of people to teach!!! there's a girl específicamente and she was an old investigador before like 2 yrs. and we didn't know but we went to contact her uncle or something cuz he was outside and he didn't want anything but she came out of the house to talk with us and shes suuuuper awesome and suuuper prepared!!! AND SHE CAME TO CHRUCH!! we passed by her house at 820 in the morning and she was waiting for us! she is 18. and really tall and really sweet! 

right now emiliano is having struggles going to church. it's hard when nobody helps him wake up in the morning. there are some complications, too. but pray for him! but also we started up a mutual! we have super high hopes and visions for this area and branch!! it's awesome! we're gonna get the youth really active and bring friends and the first one was really good! also emiliano went to that so that was awesome! 
wellp i hope yall are rocking it. 
nick congrats on the bee! hahaha now yall need to wathc the episode of psych where theyre in the spelling bee, it's hilarious hahaha love yall read your scriptures as a family and personally!!!
hna dascanioooooooooooo!

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