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Not to Boast, But the People Love Me

feb 2, 2015
welp im sure i've gained your intrigue? (is that correct?) and well it turns out that i sure am one of the fam cuz after i read yalls letter of how all yall were sick, guess what? so was i!!!! bad lettuce, we think. ahi está.(there it is) do ya like my pun? haha it was lettuce or the water. lots of people are getting sick cuz right now the water is super contaminated because of all the storms that are happening. also that means that we are boiling all our water. so lots of times we drink hot water hahaaa. yeah. yes i have a filter, but also sometimes we drink juice and so that could be it..  idk my bff jill. but anyway lets just say i was vomiting... out of both ends... then got medications to stop vomiting and puked up that. and so the wife of pres. santillán is a nurse and so they both came over and she popped a shot in my booty and gave me other medications and presidente gave me a blessing and i'm all good right now. except the medicine to stop the diarrhea i think works a little too well cuz now im constipated... too much info? okay sorry. hahaha so yeah that was friday!! and that sucks cuz normally Friday is our awesome day. not to say that other days are less awesome but idk its´ FRIDAY ya know? also we don't have any meetings or anything and so we have to whole day to puke, i mean work.
hahaha presidente and his ´´its for meee! ´´´face hahaha

lets´see oh yeah, i forgot to put the h. it´s hongo. aka FUNGUS OR MOLD! like whaaat. apparently it´s common here. sun fungus. and the people here like a lot to show you how much they know so like every person is like oh yeah what ya got there is .... and here´s whatchya gotta do... and here´s a cream.. hahahaha yeah. there´s no such thing as embarrassment here i dont think... hahahha
what else... 
did i tell yall that i lost all that weight i had gained before the mission?? haha ha yeah. i had gained a boat load, obviously haha but when i left i was 168! que vergüenza and i dropped to 141 before christmas. then Christmas happened, so i gained a few back haha que loco

the familia FLORES!!! with emiliano!!!!!
MAIRA didn´t go to church!!!! something with her family came up. so that was sad.but EMILIANO!!! he is a boss! he right now is doing lots of stuff with los elderes!!! like service and stuff like that and yes is coming to church!!!! it´s awesome!!! we see soo much blessings it´s incredible!!! this week there were a bunch of people again and all the leaders had a meeting with presidente chapparro so of the plan for this area and presidente santillán es muy excited to put it into accion right now! and so that´s awesome! we´re gaining lots of trust of the members and the people here, it´s suuuuper awesome!
well imma try to write a few of yall. 
how are yall with going to the temple??
also por fin we got the liahona of the conference talks and the talk on saturday by elder lynn g robbins is suuper good! it is like bam! i dont know the title. in spanish its´ hacia donde miramos´´ but yeah it is key for this area. i think ill use that talk the next time a have a ´´pop talk´´ at church hahaha
oh wait i finally got the christmas card! how precious!!!! and lilly´s rubberband turtes and owl!!! i put one of the turtles on my bag!! ill send fotos later! also the video!
love you alll!!! thanks for all you doo. it makes me so happy to here from you all. 
how are yall with going to the temple?
hows nana?
love yall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! youre in my prayers!!!!!
love hermana dascanioa
hahaha someone caled me hna damasco-- thats a fruit similar to the peach hahah
lil peaches!!! (lilly)

feb 9, 2015
my watch broke.... well no it´s still all good but the partecita that adjusts the size broke. but i still wear it cuz it´s legit haha 2 legit hahaha.
welp this week we had interviews with Presidente Chapparro! ah he is too awesome! i received come awesome counsel and advice. we talked about goals, the area,  stuff like that. one of the things that we talked about. well bueno i was wondering how to help people in certain situations. like if yadda yadda and the person yadda and needs to yadda but isnt doing it.... and he read alma 31:5. that talks about how we teach the gospel and if they act and listen, it helps them to change. we should always trust in these promises that the gospel changes people. that reading the scriptures changes people. somehting that ive learned (am learning) is that we dont need to focus so much on the problems smalls. we are here to teach the doctrine and the Spirit helps the people stop doing certain things and start doing others. how important is reading the scriptures entonces!!! 
the familia santillán
also there was a conference from cordoba (province in argentina) for all the women 8 and up. sister linda k burton and sister marriot. they gave talks super bomb. it was interesting and funny to hear them speak inglish and then the translator in spanish. so i got to hear the talks twice hahaa cuz it wasnt at the conference center, there wasnt a voice over. so the person spoke one frase and then a young lady translated that frase. that was awesome and talked a tone about how to nurture our Spirit. basically i dont have time but basically do your stuff and take the sacrament every week! 

hermana perales cut my hair! she´s a pro! she cut a bunch but its super cool (literally)= we are dying out here hahah let´s see. we might move departamentos que más. i now have 9 months in the mission like whaaaat hahaha too sick but too sad! its going by sooo fast!!! we had divisiones for a the afternoon with some other hermanas and i was with an hermana that it was her first transfer and she is from the us too. and i was like snap that was me not too long ago! but she´s boss so that was funn
well ive gotts ta go. feel better mom! and happy birdday nick! those pics are sickkkk dad shout out for the cake and too sick witht the soda!!! hahha awesome! love yalll!!!!!
love hna dascanio!


feb 16, 2015
hello family!!! how are you all doing!
and then mayra! she will be baptized in like a week. sooo sad that i cant be there. but hey. 
we found her and she is awesome!!!!!!
haha well let´s see today is pday but it´s also a holiday. i dont know why. nobody knows why hahah but that means that all of the internet places are closed and so we have to use the computers at the church. but there´s an activity for the youth and so its fun. we´re here with them all!
this week we found a teenager named Nicolas. suerte, no! and his mom called us from the street because he basically was not in a good state. i dont know why but i cant think in english right now. it´s worse than normal. haha  but anyway we arranged so that he could receive a blessing of comfort. afterwards, he felt a ton better. and we have visited him a few times this week and he is super awesome! he has tons and tons of like questions about the plan of salvation and about Dios and everything.  but he wants really bad to have more faith in God but says it´s hard cuz of all the bad that´s in the world. recently we´ve had a lot of people that are like that. that have had lots of pains and things like that in their lifes that have made things hard to believe in God. it´s really interesting to see becuase lots of these people havent really grown up with religion in their lives either. and so they like dont know a lot about the nature of God or anything. its been cool to be able to show them the love that God has for us and testify of the doctrine that we know. everything in the scriptures helps us understand that everything that God does for us is becuase He has such love for us. 
mayra is super awesome still. we thought that she would be baptized 2 days ago, but her testimony isnt really strong right now. she´s having a hard time receiving her answer but she´ll come around! she went to church again! 

lets see. well transfers are coming! this is the last week and i think ill be leaving concepción. im not exactly sure but i think so. normally, its like 3 or 4 transfers in an area. but we´ll see! that would be super sad cuz i loooove this area and i loooove these people!!! oh hey! emiliano is sooooo strong right now! he´s going to all the activities and to church BY HIMSELF. and yes, is passing the sacrament! ahhhhh he´s the bomb!! it´s so awesome to see that when people really have conversions, its changes them. he has changed completely! has gone from someone that doesn´t know who God or Jesus CHrist is to a worthy and strong young priesthood holder. ahhhh i could die!
let´s see what else what else. ahhh im so sorry that i have like zero pictures!!! how horrendous we will have to take a toooon of them this week! ahhhhh
yup well sorry if its short i cant think right now. love yallllllllll
also read alma. all of alma. hes a boooooossssss  hahaha 
and hey! give references to the missionaries! hahaha and when they come over  to eat, dont force them to eat seconds hahahah love yalll!!!!
paz y bendiciones.
hermana dascaniocito

Another picture of mayra. not to boast but THE PEOPLE LOVE ME hahahaha i haaaave too return! ahhhhh 

the woman thats not smiling and her son, jose eduardo. haha her name is alejandra bravo. returned missionary and HILARIOUS i dont know why she does that face.. hahahaha jose eduardo SIEMPRE went with us to visit people. i dont remember how to say that in english. hahaa

hna perales and i! in an auto travelling to our district meeting

CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM CAKE that the familia Santillán gave me!!!!! #whaaat

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