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El Cerro de Siete Colores

feb 23
A llama? He's supposed to be dead! (Emperor's New Groove)
i got transferred! my third área!!! que cosa! right now im in perico, jujuy! yes, you say that like the pillsbury dough boy when you put your finger in his stomach. hoo hoooey! hahahaa i love it already! ahhh it was soooo sad to leave concepción! it feels like i just barely got there! enserio!!! i said goodbye to everyone and i dont think ive ever cried so much! ahhhhhh! it was sooo hard. especifically the santillán´s and the flores´! the flores are the family of menos activos that basically has adopted emiliano. he lives with them. i love this family sooo much! ahh the last lesson with them killed me! and they were all crying. ah seriously every family every person ahhh i love!!! and they all love me! hahahha it was a day of tears!!! and i have to return!!! at some point!

so yeah. hna perales is going to train! shes gonna "have a kid" and her new missionary arrives on wednesday! im here with hermana quiceno. shes from colombia and let me just tell you that she has the sickest accent!!! look it up or something how people from colombia talk! its too funny i love it. she has almsot 6 months in the misison. can you believe what is happening to the time! heremana musmano ends her mission in may or the end of april!° no sé! ahhhhh whaat!

well to talk abou the work. mayra, our golden investigator. had her intervista to be bpatised on saturday. passed. she knows everything! and loves it all. but lacks what she says "the feeling" my heart was destroyed temporarily because this was after we had worked so hard with her this week. she has such a strong testimony and we were fasting and praying and kept finding answers and parts of the scriptures that are perfect for
her that are gonna answer her questions. but i dont know.  i just know that it wasnt the will of God that she gets baptized saturday. she told me that she will send me pictures of her baptism. ah. she is too awesome and is gonna become like the president of the relief society or something! well im so sorry but i have to go right now. love you all. cuidense!  maddy i hope that your kidney stone passes. lilly your cactus needs to be named, fuzzy prickles or josé alejandro eduardo rodrigo cactuz the third. hahaha love yall nos vemos!!!!!
love hermana dascnaio

march 2
how awesome is that name, first off. secound. ahhhhhhhhhhh blessings blessings and miracles! i dont have too much time, and this keyboard is driving me crazy, but this week i have felt sooo much The Holy Ghost!! enserio! one of the things that someone said i dont remember who oh yeah it was in Preach My Gospel. it says that to {teach}a lesson should require effort. you should be constantly searching and prayiing and trying to understand the person and listen to the Spirit, and ACT upon it. and wow ive made an effort to be better at that. cuz its super easy to teach a lesson but we are here to teach the people. help them to gain their salvation, not here to only talk about God or to give our opinion on things. it has been sooo awesome! seriously ive NEVER felt the Spirit like this! so plentifully and so constantly! we have lots of investigadors that are progressing really well. and are awesome! one of them is named Natividad and she is ORO (gold) haha and has a baptism date and bore her testimony to us on our third visit that she wants to change her life and is willing to change everything and that she will follow this path until the end! i just about died! she has a daughter that is 10 that has a super bad disease since her birth and recently got worse. just in time for church this sunday. so that was super bad. were gonna pass by today to see how she is if shes back from the hospital.
this area is awesome! we live with the other missioneras also! so its 4 hermanas in one ward! and also jujuy is the bomb but yeah ive gotta go, sorry love you alllll!!!
hermana dascanio
also keep reeading atta fam!! haha

mar 9
ahhh i dont have time!!! lets see.things here are awesome!!
i cant believe how time is flying! i have 10 months! whaaat! ahhhh how crazy! glad to hear that yall are awesome. hahaha love youall! ah we were talking with some recent converts and their nephew was there and his name is Juan and we invited him to listen and he has been listening the past few discussions that weve had with them! and he wanted to go to church and yesterday him and his mom went and they loved it! and ahh they want to hear more! super awesome! we are also contacting every single person we see and its super fun! we are seeing so many blessings for our efforts and finding so many people. we've taught a lot this week the plan of salvations. there are so many people that don't know their purpose in life or how to find happiness but our purpose is to "be happy" and we achieve that when we obey God and are clean before Him. i love soo much the gospel and want to testify to you all that this church is true. that it  is same church that Jesus Christ established. that the Book of Mormon is true. Mormon looked thru so many histories, stories, talks and compiled exactly what we need as a people to come unto Him. the nefites didnt have the Book of Mormon, nor the lamanites. it is for us!in this time. and it is what we have to direct our life and help us be obediente and follow Christ. i love you all sorry this computer is the worst and the internet too and im out of time, but yeah dont worry cuz imwell.

love you all maddy sorry i couldnt write you. you're the bomb. also youre the best camel in the world hahahaha

love youallllllllsies
ps: jujuy isnt humid! halllelujah!!!!hahaha
hermanda dascanio

mar 16
well i have sooo much to tell yall sorry that lately its been sluggish! ahhhh... first of all we had a conference of the zone with presidente chaparro and it was toooooo good! for this conference we had to study some talks by Elder Ballard. one is called, "hacer el seguimiento" and the other, "confie en el señor" i dont know what they would be in inglish. but one is trust in the lord and the other is from the conference in may 2014 and so you can find them like that. but theyre soo good and are super awesome about misionary work! and you all need to read them and start to study Preach My Gospel too cuz its the bomb and well it says it better in the talks but its soooper good. about how we should share the gospel with toooooodos and in lots of ways and always trust in the Lord! so there you go, that's your challenge! will you do it!!!! awesome! haha i feel like dora talking to an inanimate computer hahaha
also we were talking with an investigator and they were talking about how much they love soap operas cuz thats all there is here and i said some comment and she said that all we have are nicolas cage movies hahahah how funny haha noo.

also formal happy birthday moment of loudness for DAD, pappy lewis, some might know him as DONOPSICLE! his passport as John Lewis Dascanio II, but i know him as DAAAAADDDDDDDDDD! comin in at a solid 6'1" and turning.....50somethin!!!!!! ayooooo everybody give him a cheerrr!

and our next one. comin through at the solid weight of a feather, LILLLLL CINDY LOOOO POOOO!!!!!! AKA LILLIBEAR AKA LIL DIZZY AKA LIL PEACHES!!!!!!!!! WOOOOO ROUNDS OF APPLAUCITAS!!!!! hahaha happy birthhdayyyyy!
im gonna make a video for all yallllll. hope yall have a great ones!!!

what else. oh yes! can yall please send mi my geneology! names and dates pleas! i know mom and dad but grand and great grandparents i need please! birth and death dates if it applies and full names! for next monday if you can thanks!

kay last of all the fotos!!! we went up with some members up to the mountain of 7 colors! "el cerro de siete colores" and it was sickkkkkk too awesome i dont know if the pictures capture it but it is sooo colorful its awesome also i bought TRINKETS! (picture mom when you say that word) ;) and i dont know how or when ill mail them. worse comes to worst, in november {we'll have} happy thanksgiving from jujuy! hahaha but ill do my best!
Yes, that's an adobe hotel in the background. How sick!?! (good thing :) )

also im doing great my compañera is the one that isnt as dark. theres hna boehmer from canada (the white one) the dark one is hna platino from peru and my compalera hna quiceno from colombia! 

well gtg i thought i had more time but im sending photots like crazy love you all glad you had an awesome spring break! ps how early, no? i remember at the end of our 2-week spring break when i was in 3rd grade, lilly was born so we got an extra day haha gracias lilly!!!
love you all with the colorful intensity of this mountain hahaha
love hermana dascanio!!!!

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