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Baptisms, Reunions, and Anchovy Buses

September 7, 2015

Well i have to say sorry for not writing last week. Sorry! i was busy writing each one of yall individually and well it stopped my time.  But these weeks have been awesome! Hermana Ramos is super great. She's tranquila and laughs at my jokes hahaha.  We have lots of fun and we talk to everyone in the streets haha,  Bernardo received the Priesthood! oh yeah! And hey i got to talk on the phone with Hermana Lugo! She's a nut hahaha she told me that Mauricio is doing awesome!!!!! Better than ever!!! And that Agustina is gonna be baptized Friday! ahhh and some stuff from Perico. ahh Perico, mi amor hahha.  It's hard leaving every area but right now I'm here and i love it too!  We're having some awesome miracles happen here!  The brother that teaches gospel principles that is an RM as of 2 years brought his girlfriend to church two times and we are teaching her and she is awesome! She doesn't know anything about God or religion. It's really weird to me when we talk to people like this because I'm like, how do you not know?  but yeah if your parents don't teach you anything you just live and can only hope that something so mysterious like God exists. And wow she is amazing. She feels the Spirit more than i think anyone I've seen. She was studying about the Atonement and as she shared her studies with us cried because of how much God loves us and has read up to Enos! She's insannnne! haha and will be baptized September  19!  and then there is also the boyfriend of a member that recently we are talking to and he is supper cool tambien and wants to be baptized. He too hasn't ever prayed or anything but were teaching him and he's awesome.  The work is wonderful! I cannot stress it enough that referrals from members are the best things ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we went to the offices! haha we got lost a little in centro and took a collective [bus] sooo full of people that i just about died hahaa normally i think it's funny but this time i stressed a little and was sweating and had my PACKAGE (THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH" I HAVEN'T OPENED IT YET CUZ JUST HOW YALL TAUGHT ME TO NOT OPEN THINGS LIKE CHRISTMAS PRESENTS CUZ THEN YOU LOSE THEM HAHA BUT IT SOUNDS LOVELY!!!!) and so yeah i was stressing a little cuz we were also looking for a cyber to write yall cuz our area doesn't have one!!! well one that's a little ghetto and far away but anyway we were crushed together like anchovies in those anchovy busses (if you don't know, look it up! ) haha like seriously guestimating i bet there were 70 or 80 people in a collectivo [bus] with 35 seats haha then we saw a cyber but we were stuck in the middle with other peoples' sweat haha and literally couldn't budge and so with all our strength we were plunging through the people to get to the end and luckily I'm taller than EVERYONE soo i was crossing the collectivo with my hands in the air and the package above my head THINKING SKINNY THOUGHTS hahaha --literally i haven't ever seen one soo crowed. It took like 5 min to plunge our way through and my hips didn't help me at all hahahha and so yes. That's my story of how i got here. And Hermana Ramos now has 4 months in the mission and i have....16.. wahhhhhh what is life! haha

well i love you all with the intensity of 56 anchovy buses hahaha
Hermana Dascañio
September 14

buen diiiia hahaha
THIS WEEK HAS BEEN AWESOME and i say that with a capital aaaaaaa!!!!!!
Wow we are seeing MIRACLES! Seriously!!!! ahhhhhhhh 

There are three people that we are teaching that are prepared for baptism! Nicole ahhh is soooo awesome she told us how she got her answer and was like, " i was asking or praying if this is what i should do and i opened the Book of Mormòn…" and she opened to that scripture that basically says that we are free to choose liberty or captivity  and totally took that as an answer and it was so awesome she is soooooo awesome.  She's the girlfriend of a member and he met her in college and she is awesome!!!! i think i already told yall some stuff not sure about her. but yeah so she's gonna get baptized Saturday and [also] the boyfriend of another member and he is awesome! He comes from a really hard life and la verdad it's surprising and awesome that he is not into drugs or any of that.  It's such a problem for everyone here.  It's super sad. And so yeah he will be baptized also Saturday and Vanesa is like on the border she is prepared but keeps thinking si and no and ahhh so well see! Pray for them! Seriously were seeing soo many miracles as a mission like seriously we are aumenting in every area the success and ahhh.  I'm so happy and ahhh the time goes by too quickly!!!!!!

well. Let's see. To answer your question mam, yes i am really close to my first area! In the same stake! And the other day we went to a baptism at the stake center and they were having a meeting and i saw Hermana Florinda! Remember her??? ahhh but i couldn't talk to her i just waved like a loca hahahha, but i have high hopes for General Conference that I'll be able to see her!!! i can't believe that this is already the last week of the transfer! ahhhhhhh that means that Hermana Rengifo goes home on Monday!!! ahhhh and i have hopes that I'll see here at the terminal cuz she'll  have to come here--helllo!!! And if my compañera se va, I'll be at the terminal!!!!

 ahhh sounds like lots of stuff exciting is happening on yalls end!  I'm super excited to for the plans-- hello maddy! whatttttttt?!?  oh i talked to Hermana Lugo and she is super feliz happy for you maddy!!!! hahaha she says hi! [Maddy just got engaged at the time of this email!] Sorry that i don't have the time i thought i did but well i looked bad at the clock! love you all 

it makes me so happy to know that yall are reading and praying and doing FHE!!! Keep it up and open your mouths! Hahah--so long and thanks for all the fish!  oohhh THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE!  HELLO I JUST ABOUT DIED IT WAS SO AWESOME! ALREADY ATE ALL THE PEANUT BUTTER HERMANA RAMOS NOW LOVES IT TOO THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!"""""

September 21
i think that im psychic or that maybe maddy and i are linked or something cuz this weekend i kept thinking that she was gonna get engaged! i was like hmmm ya know what i think its gonna happen and i was tlaking with my comp about it hahaha AHHHHHHHHHHHHH IMMMMMMMMM SO HAPPY FOOR YOU MADDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY TOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!! AND AHHHH PRECIOUS PRECIOUS!!!! PRECIOUS! I JUST ABOUT DIED AND MY COMPAÑERA TOO HAHA I LOVE ITTTTTT!!!!  TOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'VE BEEN TALKING A LOT ABOUT YOU TOO ABOUT MADDY AND NICK! HAHA IM LIKE, "Y PARA MI FUTURO CUÑADO....." O SEA for my future brother in law hahaha im already buying things!!! hahaha --ahhhhh i dont think i can write bien an email that suffices what i feeeeellllllllsies!!!  ah.  
Okay also TRASLADOOOOOOS!!!!! ME QUEDO HASTA LA MUERTE JAJA. I'm gonna stop the mission here in Palermo! Hermana Ramos left for Metan which is like 3 hrs from here but still in Salta and I got another compañera,  Hermana Hurtado... guess what nationality???? PERUANA jajajajajjaja number 5!!! hahaha too awesome! she's really cool.  She's been here  6 months.  I got word that Hermana Lugo left Perico and now is companion with Hermana Quiceno!  Hermana Yates stays here weee! and guess who i saw in the terminal???
Hermana Rengifo at the Terminal!
HERMANA RENGIFO!!!!! AHHHHHHHH I CRIED SO MUCH SERIOUSLY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH shes sooooo awesome! we remenisced a little bit ahh it was sooo perfect! cant believe that she is going home!!! wahhhhhhh
nicole was soooo excited that she cried as she entered the water! ahhhhhhhhhhhh ALMA 26 ALMA 26 ALMA26 ALMA26!!!!!!!! We are super happy here although right now we have to work a lot to find people and so that the people GO TO CHURCH PLEASE POR FAVOR GRACIAS! It is such a joy to be a missionary and I don't ever want it to end!
los bautismos de Nicole y daniel!!!!!!!  y nacho(de los elders)
Dario y Nicole
Daniel y Agustina

Basically that is the news today. yup. i have to send madsicle a few words asi que me despido de uds!!!
love yalllllllllllllll soooo muchhhhhhhhhhh
hermana dascaño
September 28
Okay. this week let`s see. it has been super awesome. we've been a working hard! the cool thing is that we've been finding lots of awesome people to teach! were going around our little area like crazy people haha its funny cuz Perico was an entire city and to cross it was more than an hour. but Palermo is a little part of Salta capital, so its super small haha to get to the other end its like 15 or 20 min haha but I love it too. did yall know that in Salta capital alone there are like 20 churches? crazy huh? 
we had an activity well the service was for the world right? did yall have it too? you should've i think. well here in salta we went to El Cerro San Bernardo to clean it. they say cerro, which translated I think is hill. but it's a mountain- let's just say about the size of the mountain that has the Y at BYU haha and so yeah two stakes gathered together and all us missionaries were there too! and Presidente Chaparro and his kids! all in PANTALONES! PANTS! jjaja!! I was sooo excited to put my jeans on! jajaja and so we got assigned the stairs cuz there's stairs that lead to the top so we went to the top and then cleaned as we descended, lowered? I don't know what word it is. but yeah it was super awesome and also a good work out ahhaha presidente took a foto so there should be one on Facebook!
anyway that was Saturday and we couldn't go to the conference cuz it starts at 9 here and goes til 11 I think and the capilla where they show it isn't ours. oh well they're gonna rebroadcast it! OH SIIII -so I'm super excited! 
thanks for always all the support and love and emails you send meee!!!!  and woah. BRIGGGAY!!!! MR HAM! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! ON YOUR CALL!!! TOO SICK!!!!! WHEN DO YOU LEAVE??? Nobody told me! 
well.  oh yeahH!! and maddy and mom, too awesome all that yall could do! [mom's trip to Utah for wedding prep] i just about died with the foto of you two-- precious! too awsome! i dont know why but i almost cried and maddy you're gorgeous!!!! I'm sooo super happy with everything!!!!! weeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
love you alllll so much!
hermana dascanio



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