Sunday, September 6, 2015

Is the Gospel Still Amazing to You?

August 24th

Hermana Dascanio with Hermana Ramos, fourth peruana! {Peruvian companion}
 ahhh okay I know that I am horrible with the letters!
I'm trying to write everyone individually and then there's no time to write this letter but write now as I say all my excuses, I am wasting time hahaha, jkjk

Bautismo de Bernardo! El es un capo!!! {he is a boss!!!}
Bueno. this week has been super awesome! Bernardo got baptized! He is a boossss (capo means boss) and seriously is sooo converted! He is determined to endure to the end its soo precious and AWESOME! He is the brother of a member here. Before, he has talked with missionaries but that wasn't the right time i guess cuz he wasn't interested and but now sìi!!!!! And he stopped drinking and stopped chewing tobacco just like that!!!!
What else what else...

We are having really cool experiences lately with God answering our prayers. It is soo amazing to me. There's also a talk in general conference i think from October where an authority does the question, ´´Is the gospel still amazing to you?"  i looove it! It doesn't matter how many prayers we`ve said, how many years we've been members, is it still amazing?? The little miracles that happen every day, the things we ask for and then we receive answers. God listens and something that i have learned on my mission is that what's important for us is important for God. He loves us. He understands us. We don't have to know the answer to make the question.

We are always being counseled to work with members and sometimes its hard cuz people aren't available and don't give us referrals and yada yada. But we did a simple prayer before leaving Saturday in he afternoon that we could somehow have lessons with members and work with members. Then we went to the house of a member. She had invited us but we didn't know why and she talked with a lady in the bus and had an appointment! And we left together and went to her house and this lady is awesome! And she went to church yesterday! it was awesome MILAGRO, MILAGRO, MILAGRO!!! {MIRACLE, MIRACLE, MIRACLE!!!}

i urge you all to open your mouths and invite people! Talk about what you learned in church, share a scripture, talk about your calling. They will want to know what is a calling or what is young women's.
there are so many people prepared and if we work together were gonna find them easier
August 31
Basically Steffi was answering a few emails individually this week and didn't send a main family email but did send the above picture of her with her newest companion, Hermana Ramos. Below is a picture of a kitchen creation she is particularly proud of :)
We made Sliders! The hamburgers here are kind of a disgrace, so I had to do something! My companion loved them!
love you all!!
go to the temple!
Thanks for all the love always and I love you all SOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Love hermana dascaño hahaha

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