Thursday, August 14, 2014

Here are Some Shots in your Fanny

Well im sure you are all intruiged. ¨why ever would hermana dascanio title her email that"? haha well, boy do i have stories! primero, i am healthy whole and happy, so tranquilla, mama :)
so i had been feeling poorly for a little while, but I was like, nah im fine, i have sinus allergieness all the time, whatever! but come tuesday i was like, kay imma kick the bucket. so i told hermana musmano that i was feeling horribly and luckily she followed the Spirit a ful cuz we went right to the médico. we went there and luckily there was a lady frm our ward that works there, hermana caxal, and she took us back and i began to describe to the doctor what was going on. (it's really hard to do that without a dictionary haha-- words like throat, cough, itchy, burn, things of that sort would have been useful to know haha, but anyway the doctor was like, you have angina and blah blah blah heres some shots in your fanny! and i was like, cool thanks! we left and hermana musmano freaked out and was like, ah you're gonna die i'm a terrible mom! you need to rest right now! and i was like, what do i have? i consulted my dictionary and found out that the doctor said that i had tonsilitis and the beginnings of pneumonia. hah divertida, no? and so i was like, oh thats why i feel horrid! haha so i rested for a long time and long story short, hermana caxal ended up coming to our pension cuz our thermometer didn't work. the next day hna chaparro ended up driving down to our pension and she and president chaparro [the mission president and his wife] took me to the hospital down in centro salta to get a better diagnosis. they are seriously the best! president chaparro is the sweetest and hermana chaparro too. she reminds me of you, mom! and turns out that i didn't have the pnemonia part, just the tonsillitis and after like 6 shots in the rear i was on my way! presidente chaparro was waiting in the car for like 2 hours-keep in mind this is at 10 at night- and he bought us candy bars and water- how precious! 

anyway. this week was highly consumed in that fiasco. my gluteus maximus was like numb and bruised for 3 days but i'm all good now! so don't worry!!! yesterday por fin we worked and it felt sooo good! i have ENERGY! for the whole week i was seriously so weak i couldn't close my hand shut but now I'm bouncin' and preachin! hahahaha 

oh! while sick, i had an epiphany! ya know kronk´s spinach puffs? THEYRE TOTALLY SPANIKOPITA!!! hahahaha also, one member had these cookie things and they were koulorakia!! they tasted the same and i was like, ahh! cookies for mister!!! hahaha but they were in shapes and not swoopdys.

so, ive come to realize that i'm horrible at respondng to your questions so here we go. 
  1. no, we cant send or receive videos. so thats a bummer summer. i want you all to here the spanish world in which i currently reside! haha 
  2. yes, we wash our clothes by hand. well a veces [sometimes]. we found that we have a washer thing but it kind of just gently swirls your clothes around, so i don't use it. but we do have a secadora which is the greatest cuz it sucks all the water out of our clothes which cuts the drying time by like a bajillion! its my fave! but yeah i wash my clothes in the kitchen sink, sometimes in a bowl on the floor. i've got an awesome picture of it, but right now my cameras dead as a doornail. but yeah its fun! makes you appreciate everything a little more. a lot more. my fingers and nails are red and sore from scrubbing but i like it! its all so cool! 
  3. on pday we wash our clothes, study, CLEAN shop. there's this store Libertad (liberty) and it's like a walmart with a mini strip mall in it, so we take the colle (collectivo-bus) up there to shop for food and stuff we need. and we print and write! occasionally there are other things but thats pretty much it! pday ends at 6 and then we work! its bomb!
  4. so dad, in answer to your question, we haven't had the opportunity to see our investigators too much. hermana musmano left wednesday thursday and saturday with members for a few hours. its soo hard to coordinate that! cuz we need to find someone to say with me and someone to go out with her! and when nobody has cars and everyone has kids its hard to get people that can and can walk over that the same time the other can! ay carrumba! haha but it was good- we found people! 
it's funny and agitating cuz as i'm typing, the word that comes to my mind is in spanish! too awesome! #dificil hahaha but yeah. 

vilma is progressing still. her daughter camila isn't really. we thought that vilma was progressing a ful, but she didn't come to church yesterday! so were gonna stop by tonight! 
last night was awesome, though. i don't know it was just so awesome. this work is so awesome! there isn't a feeling comparable to when you feel the Spirit and follow through and can look back and be like, wow that was awesome and totally not me! haha "rewarding" doesn't begin to describe it! 

i know that if we´re doing what we´re supposed to: reading, praying, renewing our covenants, magnifying our callings, we´ll be okay. it's work! and there are soooo many menosactivos here (300 if i didnt tell yall) that say that, it's work and too much and la la la! and to that i just have one question: was it easy for the Savior? 
welp. i wasnt planning on saying all that. haha but its true! i love the scriptures and everything! 

oh and thanks for the birthday wishes and the cash cash money dough. i haven't read yalls emails yet, so thats why i didn't mention anything yall said. sorry! they're printed though! love yall! yall are da best!
oh wait! so hermana garibay (she lives with us) last week she received an email that her dad was taking the discussions FINALLY!!! and this week while we were printing our emails she burst into tears and we were like, what happened? but on her screen was a picture of her dad in white with 2 smiling elders!!!! he got BAPTIZED!!! how insanely awesome! i cried too. ah! His plan is beautiful and i am soooo thankful that families can be together forever!!!!!!!!!!!! and im sooo gratefull for the missionaries that baptized you mom and dad!!!! (grandparents, too))

oh wait, update on escott! 
i don't know what happened to him!! :((( 
´´he´s on a different path now.´´ 
name that show! 
hahaha that one´s for you mommma!

paz y bendiciones
read your scriptures-you can receive help with ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! 
make like nike and just do it!
love yall 

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