Sunday, August 31, 2014

Put on Your Armor, It's Crazy Out There

this week was the greatest ever!!!! ahhH!!!! we had a conferencia de zona or entrenamiento thingy on tuesday and it was about how to find and teach people. it was suuuuueper powerful and pumped me and hna musmano up a full!!!! one thing that was said was (cuz every night we write in our carpeta de area about the investigators and menos activos that we visited and thier status). and so what was said was, ´´imagine thatChrst has a carpeta de missioneros and everyday he fills it out with how each missionary is doing progressing, diligenica, obendiencia," yada yada. and i was like, snap crackle pop. i gotta pick it up! 
dont think that we werent trying or anything or being dilligent but oh siempre we can improve!!!! 
and so me and hna musmano kicked fannypacks this week! 
i dont know what changed. honestly i prayed harder and i think we had more faith. hna musmano had been a little down about this area because of the past but ya know what, WE'RE NOT IN THE PAST! and yeah it was awesommmmme!

this is awesome let me see if i cant somewhat convey the degree of awesomity. so there was this girl, Nara. i think i wrote about her like 3 weeks ago. her dad reminded me of papou-menos activo and she is not a member but is suuuuper interested! well. since then,
Like at all--we probably have tried like 20 times. and so she had been on my mind cuz we were like starting to think about stopping to try to find her right. but for days i was like, no. we can find her. and so i went about to test my faith. knowing that, "ask and we shall receive". i also read something awesome in pme and i was like, i need to pray harder. and so sunday, monday, and tuesday i had been including her in my prayers and thinking about her a lot. yall know me and how horrid i am with recognizing people so i was like, please help us be able to find her--somehow i dont know how--and please help me to recognize her. and so wednesday rolled around and we just left our pensión. mind you a few random things happened to delay us like we were walking down the stairs and then forgot contact cards and so we went back up. then i had to recharge my card for the collectivos and so finally we left our little area. and theres this polleria right next to our block. i was walking and this girl turned around and it was like i didnt even think, i just yelled "NARA!!!" and she was like,  "hermanas!!!" 
and so we proceeded to talk and everything and turns out she is very difficutl to find in her house and its the house of her tio [uncle]and so she was like, "lets meet at the church for our lecciones and yada yada yada." HOW AWESOME! 
i DONT know if i was able to convey this well. but seriously it was so incredible. i may or may not have cried right after we saw her. i was just so ahhhhh!!!!! so awesome! 
and she is capa!!! (boss) (insert michael scott shoulder pad quote--´´those shoulder pads are really boss man.´´) hahahahah

OH MOM I HAVE A SCRIPTURE FOR YOU! drop everything and read it now. 
hint: its Office related and i came across it while studying hahahahah alma 61:8 
hahahahahahaha if you dont get it you need to watch season 1 again. haha

okay so im convinced that everything is better on the mission. the sun is brighter, everything is delicious, i dont know! 
so, a few weeks ago we were eating lunch at a member's house and the drink juice. 
now, yall know me and apple juice. 
it's of the devil and i cannot bear the taste of it. 
i don't know, every time i'm like, it cant be that bad. seriously. 
i try and i die. and so i was like ah pucha! [darn] no quiero! hahaha but like the good missionera soy, i was like, alright ive gotta drink this. and guess what? 
i almost pinched myself to see if i was dreaming. i kept trying it and was like, 
what did i possibly dislike about this beverage! ?!
it's for sure everything is better on the mission!"!! 
throughout the last several weeks i've had lots of apple juice at people's houses and i even bought my own. and i was like ah! this is liquid heaven, i think. then one day i was like, this tastes familiar... but i couldn't place it. and then i was like... it tastes like... jolly rancher????? but its apple juice!! 
then my eyes narrowed like squidward and i was like, ahhhh pucha (darn)..... is this not 100% juice? (of course it's in spanish, so it took me a little longer to find it) 
but it's 3% JUICE!!! :(((((((((( hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha 
i don't know if you can call it juice 
but besides that, yes everything is better on the mission :)

so friday we were "oot and aboot" 
and we are going through our ward registry to track down and bring back all these menos activos. so we come across this one family and we go stop by. and this man answers the door and is like, what do you want! and so we explained who we are and were like, does this family live here? and he was like, how do you know our name! you arent a church! youré servicio intelligencia! were are you from? los estados unidos? are you spies! 
hahahaha can you believe that! 
another investigador yelled at me and was like, WHAT ARE YOU DOING! and i was like... whaaat (i was sifting through my bag for a pamphlet to give him) and he thought that i was messing with a camera. lots of people think we have cameras in our name tags... it's kinda funny and kinda confusing.
anyway ive gotta make like tigger, so ttfn !

but yeah. oh está todo bien! love you all!!!!! put on your armour; its crazy out there!!! d&c127! 
love hna dascanio 

ps thank you for the lovely emails and sorry i couldnt respond. mom i havent read yours yet and dad i'll send you a good email next week just know that i really needed to hear what you said and REALLY Appreciate it! 
shout out to gma! como está!!!
[two emails in this post]

i'm trying to send pictures but i haven't much time
--did i sound like lucy from chronicles of narnia just there? hahaha 
well this week was great! i learned a lot. 
one of the main things i learned is that everything happens for a reason. all of our trials and pruebas are for our benefit and we can learn something from everything. Sweet fancy francis, i can tell you one thing: our trial has been health. the actual ability to leave and work. hermana musmano had some crazy whackado thing where her chest and back were swollen and so she could hardly breathe. it was kinda scary. just talking she was really out of breath so she got a medicine that required 3 DAYS to work. it was the worst. BUT it turned out to be a good experience. I worked with members a lot. got more out of my bubble. (not like i was in a shy bubble. cuz the mission kinda shoots that horse in the face first day), but todavía, it´s easy to rely on your companion to say things or make calls but i was making calls like crazy getting members who could stay with her and leave with me. and we did some awesome work. it was AWESOME! and one thing that hna musmano told me was, "when youre out with members, dont forget that youre the missionary´´ and so i was like, snap crackle pop, okay!! and it was awesome! i was able to see myself more fully rely on the Lord for help, in their needs, in spanish hello, in todo. it was seriously such a good experience. and the members i was with have such strong testimonies and were able to testify of the things that we i taught and it was so cool. anyway. i dont have much time this time. i had to take a survey for president chaparro. anyway just know that im well and loving it and hna musmano is better, i think! 


birthday donut! pardon my hair! i just got out of the shower!
also i forgot to tell yall about my birthday! it was awesome! that was the day where we were seeing so many miracles. well all of that week! ah! i am struggling with english!!! hna zambonini made me a cake! and said to tell my parents, not to worry. there are people in argentina taking care of their daughter and that you all have a very beautiful daughter. and that she shines like the light from the sun... hahahhaa kay maybe not the last part! bahahahhaa 

love you all! oh and the hnas i live with bought me birthday donut! hahahaha it was the best! (the birthday not the donut.) oh hahaha 

oh and i got nick's letter! 

also maddy email me!!!! but i hope you're having a blast in cali! and that your kidney stones are gone! 

emma if you're reading this, i love you and hope that all went well with your surgery! sorry i'm not there to make you a hoagie and do a jig! 

oh and tell hermana rawe muchas gracias for putting together the cards from the mujeres jovenes! it was so awesome! thank you all!!!!!!! 

in the words of the hippie bus from cars, ´´there´s a lot of love out there man´´ hahahahaha 

ps laura write me!!!!! i miss you!!!!! 

paz y bendiciones!
[peace and blessings]


  1. When you said that the lady 'told your parents not to worry and that people in Argentina w ere watching out for you' also that you 'shine like the light from the sun' made me cry. Your emails are wonderful and full of energy! Love you.......Aunt Jackie

  2. Hi Steffi,
    I just read your blog, and 'snap crackle, pop!' I'm smiling.
    -Jon (Robyn's husband) Keesling