Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Tiny Ball of Spastic Gospel Excitement!

i would start by saying something to the effect of ´´wow! i cant believe it´s already pday´´ but i think ive started every email with that since ive been in argentina.. wait.. hahaha

So, since that night where that evil dog attacked my and i kicked him in the face, we´ve been on cowboy terms. i say this because it's like in the movies where the one cowboy glares at the other cowboy as a conveniently timed hay bale brustles by to the tune of "wah wah wahh." like i said, this perro lives on the street of one of our frequently visited inactives. so we see him a lot. we carefully walk and glare at each other. that´s how its been for about 3 or 4 weeks. Plot Twist! we say Hermana Orué, (menos activo that we visit) on the street and THERE WAS THE DOG! she was like, 
(wait i have to describe her--Shes a little bigger. short-obviously, and has a voice that couldn't be more opposite than what you'd think. its minnie mouse. i'm convinced that she is the voice for minnie mouse). 
bueno, now picture this--she´s like "oh hola hermanas!" and starts talking as the dog comes up. me and hna musmano hesitate and the tumbleweed (did i say hay bale earlier, oy, vey!) rolls. she goes, ¨ oh! this is scott! he´s de la calle! (of the street!) yeah he´s bad. we always say callete! scott! but pobrecito lives on the street! he´s bad malo malo. pobrecito.´´ 
hahahaha keep in mind, in spanish it´s ´´ehscott´´ hahahaha and yes, ehscott is a golden retriever, and yes, he wears a tshirt. hahahhaha so, now we´re freinds with 'escott el perro de la calle!' bahahahha que loco no! hahah

This week was really good! we´re working really hard with our barrio and for our barrio (ward). In our district meeting, spirits were a little down because of our lack of numerical success as a district and so one hermana suggested a district fast.and so of course we were like yeah! Saturday, we fasted, and it was so cool. we had sooo many lecciones!! i know numbers aren´t important, so i dont know if i should say how much or how much more, but we actually had lessons! you all. this area is DIFICIL! we trek like pioneers and have back up plans for our backup plan´s back up plan. without the Spirit, it would be impossible. If this weren't His work, i would want to give up and i´d feel sad. but i just want you all to know that, yes, we literally have 0 progressing investigators, but I know that we are doing our best. one speaker at the CCM (MTC), once said, when you leave your mission, ask God for His opinion. Ask Him if you served a worthy mission. Those words, more elegantly put than that come to my mind now and then and i want yall to know that I´ve asked Him. for an update of sorts. And I know that Im serving worthily and with all my might. I wasn't planning on talking all about this, but i dont know, there you go haha. i want yall to know, mom and dad, that Im serving my hardest and that God´s pleased with me. Oh boy, im having a mini breakdown. not a sad one, like a spiritual one. i was a little worried, idk if thats the right word, but to email you all cuz i dont have grand stories or names to report or photos of baptisms, but i want you all to know that each and everyday my testimony grows stronger. that i am working like ive never worked before. im being obedient and serving the Lord. And right now, that´s apparently what´s supposed to happen.  

I love you all so much! and know that i am absolutely loving it out here! despite the straightforwardness and solemnity of this email, i LOVE everyday. im not discouraged at all! i find strength in the scriptures! and thanks so much for those quotes, mom! they are great and much appreciated! :) the mission is the best thing i've done with my life! not like i have a list of profound things ive done in my 19 years, but ah! it´s too cool. thanks so much for all the support!

Oh! and maddy! you need to name your kidney stones, Pebbles and BaM bAM. 

paz y bendiciones.
con amor mi frijolitos :)

[fast forward one week]
Hola familia!
como está!!! ay yay yay! 
okay so, GUESS WHHHATTTT!!! Patricia came to chuch (fairly  normal) but we HAD ANOTHER INVESTIGATOR AT CHURCH!!! VILMA CAME! we´re teaching vilma and her daughter, belen. belen has a little baby and they are awesome! their problem is that they are like eternal investigators! but! pobrecita vilma was in the hospital for like 5 days with pnemonia and i guess that was what they needed to start progressing! belen especially. she's been praying and reading and vilma is back and doing better and they both have such strong testionies of prayer now! and Vilma WHO IS SICK WITH PNEMONIA came to church! we drove by in a remis (taxi) and picked her up! so awesome right! that´s big stuff!

also, we have a new district leader, elder molina de ecuador. and he is bomb! this is his last transfer! and he is not slowing down at all! we had such a solid district meeting--he helped us a lot with Belen y Vilma! and he is just a little tiny ball of spastic gospel excitement! it´s awesome! its awesome! 
we´re getting lots of help from the Bishop and ward now! im telling yall -- prayers are answered, siempre! i think this area had misionaries of questionable dilligence and so it´s not like the barrio was untrusting, just not very helpful and encouraging and idk but now its awesome! last night, all of the priesthood, the patriarch and us and the elders all met up and attacked (spiritually and with love) this one area-san luis! this area has a lot of menos actives (less active members of the church) that are priesthood holders and a lot of pontencials and it's huge and so we all split up and visited! it was sooo cool! [yes it was EXACTLY like in harry potter 7 when the order of the phoenix is all gathering together to transport harry!] hahaha that's what i thought of! and i was with herman a florinda---picture a woman, about 50, tan tan tan, about the height of my shoulder and she´s like. oh my goodness i dont have a metaphor.... well, she's the funniest little person and laughs and laughs and laughs and LOVES MISSIONARY work"! she is with the elders every wednesday and friday and sometimes sundays from 4 - 8:30! how awesome! anyway i was with her. we were all split up. so she was my companion for a little!" anyway it was bomb!

This is me contacting a statue!
oh my" today!" we went to salta capital and they have this teleferico which is like imagine a hamster ball barely big enough for 4 humans, and it travels up and down a wire to the top of a mountain. hahhaa sketchy awesome"! [translation by mom, 'cable car' :) ]
oh and hermana musmano forgot that she's clausterphobic and afraid of heights cuz she was all gung ho about teleferico! "yah, let's go!"  and we got in and she tried to jump out right before it lifted off! like its a real phobia! i'm like, how can you forget something like that! hahaha pobrecita! she bursted into tears and was screaming while hermana roa was snapping picures and walking around the little ball to get the best angle and i'm like not scared but i was like, please don't lean! hahaha yeah but anyway, we got the view of salta! hermana musmano calmed down after i was like, just picture a car! you're just in a car! luckily it had a window for air! haha too funny! it was mainly funny cuz it was her idea-- aha, pobrecita!
The view of Salta from a mountain!

anywho, the work is awesome! i love it! thanks for all your emails! i cherish them dearly! also! i think my spanish is getting better! people are surprised when i tell them how long i've been here, so thats good! 
(after they're surprised that im a gringa!) 
hahaha welp. 
paz y bendiciones!
Las Hermanas de Limache!

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