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I Might As Well Be a Chicken Cuz I Have Eggs!

march 23
ah so good to hear that yall had awesome birthdays!!!! lilly you're so big! ps FAMILY PICCCCC!! NECESITO!!!!  well this week started out normal and then i started to feel real crummy and guess whats wrong? i have PARASITES! haha well i should say HAD..... hermana chaparro was too precious on the phone making sure that i dont freak out haha but i didn't hahah i took a medicine for 3 days that killed all that were alive and made my pee neon green and in a week i have to take it again to kill the EGGS that will soon live.. YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT. RIGHT KNOW I MIGHT AS WELL BE A CHICKEN CUZ I HAVE EGGS! hahhaaha welp so thats new and fun and trendy hahahahaha

but yeah this week was good despite the ´´friends´´ . they're apparently really common here.. so no need to fear! and i received a blessing so i'm all good hahah can y'all do me a favor and change my profile pic on facebook to the one with the llama? hahahha and accept the friend request that i have. they're members here hahah and yup!
this transfer is flying by! seriously i dont even know what to do with the time and we're sooo happy that conference is coming up! i invite you all to think of what the profet and apostles said last conference and see how you're applying that to your life and in preparation for the next conference start preparing yourselves to receive personal revelation. if there is any doubt you have or question about anything or help that you need THIS IS THE TIMEEE!

also thank you so much for the family history. looks like it required effort! thanks dad! and whomever helped! we're teaching a lot of the family history. the church has made these pamphlets that are PERFECT so sick about how to organize and prepare your own family history and prepare these names for the temple. and so all recent converts, less actives, actives we are talking a bunch about it to help them prepare and help their families and understand the importance of the temple and temple work. that is one of my faaavorite things that we teach if i could have a favorite haha that and the plan of salvation!!!! ah and the Atonement! and Joseph Smith. did yall know that he´s José smith here? haha too awesome

well it started to get suuuuper cold! like rain and cold and yuck haha. i cracked out my bufanda (scarf) and we´re ready to roll hahah i have to buy more tights but ill do that maybe monday oh did yall send the new debit card?
the work here is going really well. it's neat to see that the people are really willing to act to go to church and stuff. we are finding some people that are just tooo awesome!!!! sad thng is that lots of times (not all the time) the people dont go to church if its rainy and less if its cold. so this sunday was a little shy on people. (the peopole don't have cars and idk casí don't leave their houses if it's raining) but well work on that!

welp love you all ! how's your family reading going? fun fact: hna boehmer (de canadá) and i were reading misison manual in english and it made less sense than in spanish hahahhaa

weeee mothers day´s gonna be FUN! AHHAHA
right now were in a ´´cyber´´ with about 24 rowdy kids playing call of duty and other video games on full blast on the computers so sorry if it's scatterbrained hahaha
love you all suuuper much!
hermana d´ascanio

april 6th
noooo they're COOKIES FOR EASTER!!!! {family joke about Greek grandmother's accent and word mixups :)}  hahahahahah well so much to say so little timeeeesies! okay so first of AHHHHHHHHHH nobody told me it was Easter! haha i realized saturday night i think! i just thought that the Catholics were being Catholics again with their parades and shenanigans on thursday and friday haha.

but yes ahhh tooo good this general conference! ahhhhh we watched in spanish on saturday and i understood really well. the only problem is is that it isn't our native language so our mind needs to pay more attention than normal and so it's a lot easier to zone out for a minute or two but it was super good. haha loads about marriage no?! haha

one of the things that our disrict leader invited us to do and to invite everyone to do was to prepare questions that we need answered. i had several that i realy needed answered and ahhhh REVELATION!" sooooo awesome! i too, dad, had one session where i like couldnt not  cry! the Spirit was so sweet and tender. sunday in the morning it was. so many talks that i loooved!!! a lot of what i got from conference is have faith and act! ah it is always sooo nice to be able to receive so many answers! so i dont have time. sorry! ahhhhh. we had traslados y bueno es raro. i stay here, hna quiceno se fue a salta and the canadian hna boehmer and i will be working together for a week (who i was living with cuz her companinon tambien left) and then we will receive mini missionaries. they are members that will be our companion for a certain period of time. haha so i dont know for how long i'll have a mini or how this week will be working both in my area and her area haha. we will be working in the whole city! hhaha also my camera died and batteries are hard to find here so i'll send pics other day. love you alll sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing your notes for conferece! haha mine are half in spanish and half in inglish. like i started in english and then it converts to spanish as i write bahaha weeeeee
lvoe you allL!!!

april 13th
okay. weell this week has been on excelentísima!!!!!! seriously!!!! i love hna boehmer! we are working sooooo hard and ahhh its sooo awesome. truly this is the work of God. hna boehmer received her mini but mine was waiting still for permisssion from her boss to leave work so she comes tomorrow. shes from tucumán. we will have the minis all this transfer. they are members that for a certain time will be our companions. right now more hnas left that came and so they didnt want to close one of our areas so we will have minis. so yeah we are working in all of perico. and its awesome. i have to buy new shoes cuz mine look like they have been through a blender or world war 3 haha jk but yeah i need neww ones. sorry i don't have time to write you individually. and right now i'm really struggling to think in english. sorry but love you all. lilly and nick,you're hobos and mom and dad you all too hahaha and maddy is the biggest hobo hahaha chiste.

love you all. ahh im so sad i can't have time to count stories! but yes let's just say that when we ask,we receive answers!!! love you all !are yall doing fhe???? haha love yall
hermana dascanio
ps congrats ma en your chickpeas!

april 20th
yes! i received my mini! she's super awesome and it's super cool cuz i can like help her understand what the mission is and help her get psyched to serve! she really wants to work so that's awesome! she is 21 and she is living in tucumán . not too far from where i was! what else.  so we have had several lecciones that have been suuuuper awesome. like soo guided  by the Spirit. i love it cuz it's like i don't know what to say but the Spirit does. so that has been super cooll. we are hoping that a few baptisms happen shortly. what is the worst is when people are soo super prepared but don't go to church! ahhhhhhhhhhhh me da estrés!!!! ahahha

i'm always  praying for you all. just know that. keep it up and yall are the best family ever. !!!!! also crazy that we´ll be skyping soon, no¿ where does time go! ps this keyboard hardly works! hahah also lilly and nick yall are boss. mom and dad, the only way you could be more boss is would be if you had a perm and shoulder pads! hahahha also RIGHT ON !!!! FOR GOING TO THE TEMPLE!!!!! WEEEHOOOOO!!!!!

ps its soo super cool that the temple in cordoba is going to be dedicated super soon! we are hoping to go as missionaries also go to the stake center dedication !!!!! i'll die! love you alllllll!!!!            cuidense!!!!!
hermana dascanio

april 27th
well folks. this week has been too awesome. we have been doing a looooot! working super hard and super happy. my companion is hna beltran btw. shes the bomb. super happy and willing to work. it's been super cool to be with her.she's progressing super fast and at first just wanted an experience of a missionary but now she wants to be a missionary! like everyday she wants it more! so that's super awesome! we work really well together. she's from Tierra de Fuego . i don't know if i told yall that yet. translated, it means Land of Fire or Fireland athough it's about as south (as close) to Antartica that you can get! how crazy, no? look it up! but yeah recently she moved to tucuman cuz her brothers are there.

let's see. we are seeing lots of milagros! like seriously! its also interesting cuz we see más flat rejections but more dates for baptisms at the same time hahah. its super awesome.(the baptisms) there are a few women that are SUUUUUPER prepared for their baptisms, have allll the lessons and alll the ganas but only need to obey the law of chastity. its so frustrating sometimes cuz here, that's like not a thing. nobody gets married.if you do its weird. and so we find people and families but then they have this barrier. and right now, there are 3 different families that are in really bad situations. don't want to get married because their spouses are bad and abuse them and things like that but are scared to leave them because they won't be able to get by. it's really sad but also opens the way for God to work MIRACLES. i know con todo mi corazon that God will help them for doing what's right and although it's hard, He will! so yeah thats a struggle but also we've had some lessons that were super Spirt packed which also is awesome.

this weekend we had interviews with presidente chaparro and then conferencia de estaca. it was suuuuper awesome. there was a Seventy there and also los chaparro. ahhhhhhh sooo awesome! well i wanted to talk more about that but dont have time, but i love you all! keep it up and nos vemos prontito, no? also i fret that my english is worse than at Christmas....
jaja YOLO
love you all
hermana dascanio

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