Sunday, May 17, 2015

Kick It! Keep Rockin'

may 4, 2015
hahaha the avocados here are GIGANTIC and that avacado is equal to 50 cents !! whaaaat hahahah look my head is like the avocado. here they say "palta" hahaha

hola familia! well yall deserve a real card! things have been sooo busy and soooo awesome! on tuesday we had a district meeting and it was sooo great! genial!!!! they are sources of such revelation it's too sick. in the beginning of the mission i really didn't like practicing. (lessons) it was the worst. but now it's like you're dumb if you don't like them cuz we do them and it's super cool to be the investigator that maybe is having a difficulty cuz then you can think maybe how they think and receive super revelatino and the other missionaries that teach you and they can like look at the situation with new eyes or fresh eyes. i forgot the expression and bam splat revelation!

speaking of eyes. my  eyes are super swollen and stuff. results of the parasites still but imma go to the dermatologist wednesday.

crazy that its been a year no? that's all i have to say about that... moving on! hahah
so we will be able to asist the dedication (por satelite at the stake center) cordoba is really far and out of our mission. but toooo awesome, no? seriously we are seeing suuchhh blessings of having this temple come about. the church paid for our whole stake to bring 50 conversos recents and menos activos to the templo!!!! but. there was a problem with money that they sent and they couldn't go! how satan works huh? but it's interesting because it's como like the peole are more strong because of it. we are seeing sooo many miracles. entire families that are coming back to church. normally we have about 92 peple in the church but now 110 or 118! too sick no! and ahhhhhhhhhhh there's this one recent convert that is a boss! he is telling everyone about the gospel and there are soo many people that have seen such a change in him(stp drinking, smoking, partyng) and its seriously like his referrals are the BOMB! we have so many people right now with baptism dates!!!! ahhhh the peple we're finding! 

also my coimpañera is a boss! shes progressing super quickly! teaches really well and its super cool to see how right now she is like I'M TOTALLY GONNA GO ON A MISSION!!

friday we have a super conference with one of the 70 again! too sick and I'M GONNA SEE HNA FRAGA! AND HNA MUSMANO! (she ends her mission in like 12 days!!! and i thought that i wouldn't be able to see her agian!!!) and hna olazo! they are compañeras right now hnas lideres!
what else! bueno imma send fotos now.

also ummm also i have not heard ANYTHING (and it doesnt mean i havent asked everyone) about the calls for mother's day. so ill just say HOPEFULLY ITS SUNDAY. but please for the doubts be ready saturday and well if nothing happens it'll be monday... sorry i have nooo clue! but it'll be alright don't stress (jesse mccartney hahaha)

HOPEFULLY well be able to talk to yall after church if not sorry we have no idea!!! ahhhhhhh but love you all with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns,

love you all, keep moving forward!

hermana boehmer and i hahaha--too legit to quit

(red shirt pictures)

don't i look like a work at Target? hahahah 

may 11
i don't have a bunch of time. will have to send fotos monday cuz we took tons! it was super fun! this week was too sick. already told yall a few things. about elena and then brigida and her kids that went to church! too awesome. the difficult thing will be that this sunday there's not gonna be the church because there will be temple dedication in the stake center. so only people with recommends can go.... but we're super pumped! haven't heard anything about who will be there but too legit.

it was sooo nice to see you all you all (mother's day Skype call) made me sooo happy! seriously!!!! sooo happy! i think i was jumping all night and day haha 

well love you sorry this is literally all the time i have
dont forget to pray! haha and family home evening!!!!
love hna dascanio

oooh challenge! invite someone to a fhe! ready go! with all the love of the white hot intensites of the stars hahahha maddy this email is for you too cuz i'm not gonna have time to write you love youuuuuu!!! kick it! keep rockin!

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