Sunday, June 28, 2015

MTC Reunions, Llamas, and Hijitas!

May 25, 2015

okay so i dont know if i'll have time to write everyone individually so i thought that maybe i'd give all my time here! hahaha the big email!  okay first off. we COULD go to the cyber LAST week [to email] but guess what? it didn't work? a little bit frustrating but ya know! 
and so at the first of the week i was with hermana peterson (one of the hermanas from the mtc!!!) so that was awesome cuz the newbies come siempre wednesday and so we were companions for two days! it was awesome! and so then tuesday night we had to go to salta! to the offices! weeee! so we traveled from jujuy to salta at like 8pm and then we got there at like 11 and ahhh SALTA THE BEAUTIFUL! i loooove salta! brought back sooo many memories to go there! and so we all slept at the penision of the hermanas in salta (that is where hermana quiceno is right now)!!! so i got to see her!! and then we got there and there were 8 beds and we were like pleaaaase that hermana harper and fraga are trainers too! 

and they arrived! and we all just about died! i haven't seen hna harper since june!! and ahhh hermana fraga! and also at the pension in salta was hna yates! she is hna leader!! and so the only one who wasn't there hermana franks"! (my comp del mtc) but she is hna leader in tucuman!!! ahhh soo awesome i'll send pics!!! soo cool to see them!
and so in the morning we all went to the offices! (mission home i think) and presidente and the assistants talked with us and everything and then we got to see our hijas!!! 
Ahhh, I'm  a mommy!!! [trainer to a greenie missionary] 
hahahaa ahhhh!
!! my hijita name is hermana lugo!!!! she's the bomb! 19 and from nicaragua!!!! how sick! stilll haven't had a gringa! hahaha ah she is sooo excited and talk soooo much its so awsome! listens and is willing to do and try everything! it has been a blast!

seriously we are seeing such miracles here it's insane!
everyone from the mtc and our kids! hahaha minus hna yates and hna franks
before i forget maddy i got your SOCKS (´´I GOT YOU SOOOOCKS!!!) hahaha i love them sooo much thank you!!!
and so there are so many people preparing themselves here for baptisms it's awesome! and the members are giving us awesome referrals- like one is a menos activa that wants super bad to return to church and her husband isn't member but is super interested and he understood everything super well from the lesson the restoration and he went to church!!! and ahhh its sooo awesome! 

the only thing that was kind of a bummer was that hna boehmer and i got food poisoning saturday night from chicken.... and so all night and all day sunday we were throwing up... and other stuff. but i went to the hospital and received a lot of liquids and buscapina and so i felt a lot better later and then we received blessings las dos. and so don't worry about us! the coolest thing is the Priesthood! so many times i've been super bad with my health but it's like bam! i'm fine. too awesome. in this blessing i was like i pictured Jesus giving me the blessing because it's the same! literally it's the same power and so all we have to do is have the faith that we will be healed! it's the best! i am soo thankful to all that are worthy to hold and use the power of God!!!!!

wow hermana lugo really is sooo awesome and some of the things that she says just really humble me. it's like why have i ever complained in my life!!! she feels soo priveleged to come here to a rich country like Argentina. and is constantly surprised at technology and things that they have here. and how nice the houses and things are here and it just gets me because there's so much that is hard for me to see sometimes. but she is soo awsesome and got baptized like 4 years ago. and her parents aren't members. her only sister got baptized recently! she's super awesome. well i'm gonna see if i can send fotos. just know that i'm doing great. still in perico jujuy by the way and that miracles are REAL! 

love you all
[also thinking about reading for yall. maybe just in the morming like the good ol days. cuz things change too fast in the evening no?]

welp cuidense! love you all take care! also today is the independence day in argentina!! aweeee
 the art was a weird art exhibit...makes one think.. hahahha and ponder life's deepest questions hahaha

... and this is the oldest Argentine flag that exists.  whaaaat!

love hermana dascanio

June 1
this is la case del gobierno! we toured in jujuy capital. 

Below is a picture of the current missionaries serving in the Argentina Salta Mission.  When they are new they are put up on the bottom of the board and as the missionaries leave the others move upward on the board.  Steffi is on the second row from the top now! She is less excited than we are :)

uh oh. my name is higher on the list... :O

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