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Mayonnaise in Bags , Phony Kit Kats, and The City is Ours!

June 8

so i had something all filled out to send yall the last week but then suddenly my computer died haha waw. but anyway now i will write!

for the first time in forever haha i have a good computer and the internet is working! yeah!!! we had to walk all around town to find a "cyber" that was open but yay! hahaha

this week has been super awesome and also super like ahhhhh!!! so this recent convert Victor is still giving us referrals and so we went to visit his brother Arturo and his wife Liliana and they are awesome! they have also seen this change in Victor and his family so they are willing to listen and they went to the ward FHE [family home evening] wednesday! and loved it! and have now gone twice to church! i taught the people of perico jujuy what Jeopardy is in the FHE hahaha it was soooo fun! It's weird cuz here like nobody plays games and so they LIVE for the games we teach them haha, it's awesome! and then they went to church!!!! weeee!!!

[One of the families we are teaching] couldn't go to church and are having problems-- not like their relationship just like lots of problems with money. they really don't have anything- like each member of the family has one thing to wear and [the father] feels bad and like he can't get married in situations like this cuz he feels like he's working so hard but doesn't have [enough] to provide for his family. it really breaks my heart. i seriously feel such love for these people and am finally i think understanding what compassion is--suffer with another. not feel sorry for but rather hurt with them. just like what Christ did. like sometimes they each have one boiled egg to eat. that kills me. recently a member gave  us a ton of pizza- like a ridiculous amount and so yesterday we stopped by [their house] and gave them 2 pizzas and I've never seen kids so happy. There are lots of things to be thankful for. i feel like that sentence doesn't convey bien what i want to say but, well.

there is also Mauricio and Estefania! they are aweosme! they are married! and Estefania is coming back to church out of nowhere. has been less active for 10 years. is 30 right now and she married Mauricio. and he has such interest in the church and wants to be baptized and now is going to church and ahhh they're awesome! Estefania shared her testimony of forgiveness and the Atonement and it was ahhh powerful! well there's so much to tell!

mi hija [new missionary that she is training] is awesome! we get along super well and she is seriously pre-trained! It's too cool. She's a ball of energy and we two together, we're like the happiest people on earth haha! She's got a really hard story, like her background, but is soo strong thanks to that. seriously! It's sooo fun and i feel like we work really well together!

well i love you allllllllll more than i crave mexican food!


hermana dascanio

we went to purmamarca again! toooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 15

ahhh things are soooo good! this has been the craziest week! so we were working and Mauricio works in mines like in the border of Bolivia and Chile and so he works 10 days then is here 10 days, and so this week we went to visit them a lot to teach and monday he was like, "yes i will get baptized" but didn't accept a date cuz he wanted to speak with his family and we were like ah we hope that that won't be something that he like puts off and puts off and so we come back wednesday and he was like, "guess what! i told my family and they didn't geet mad! the opposite! they were super happy for me!" and we were like yayyy! and so he was gonna get baptized the 27 and basically  we were super excited but then a few more things happened that complicated everything and we were like ahh and then basically one thing after another happened trials of our faith and bam! he got baptized!!!!!! ah it was sooo awesome! and Arturo y Liliana our investigadors came! and ahh the Spirit was sooo strong and we, the missionaries, sang Come Thou Fount in inglish and spanish haha it was awesome. hna lugo was like ahhhh englsh but did a super job! it was soo awesome and later we talked with him and he was like  "I've never felt such peace. i really was born again." ahhh so awesome and they are gonna in a year get sealed ahhhhhhh  I'm dying. Estefania has been like in shock that he progressed so quick and has such desires! It's so awesome! and the dad of Mauricio passed away like 3 years ago and so he is super excited to be baptized for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what else? i found kit kat here! it's fraud, it's from a phony company in Brasil but tastes almost the same! the pringles here are from the states, for that they are really expensive! ah my compañera is so awesome seriously! so much felicidad! It's super awesome and the ward here is super awesome! like yesterday we didn't have anything to eat cuz our lunch canceled on us (did i ever tell yall that dinner here doesn't exist- it's breakfast and lunch and the members give us lunch hahaha yeah its weird) and so yea we didn't have anything and then our ward mission leader calls us and is like "do you all have food to eat? no? okay we'll send yall something!" and sent us empanadas! it was too awesome. asi que don't worry about us! We're taken care of! :))))) and yup that's all i have time for

love you allllllll

hermana dascanio

June 22

HAPPPY FATHER'S DAY! haha well glad to hear that it went well and sorry dad that this is late, it wasn't on my radar that it was already Father's day! how crazy! well dad shout out to you.
the first foto says i love papá haha for father´s day! 
♪♫♪ weeeeeeeeeeee dadd yeah dad! hes the greatest that youll ever have hes super with pancakes and when you ask for help he never snakes cuz hes suuuper dad!♪♫♪

hahaha well that is my song. i wish i could sing it. but I'm sure you can imagine it :) love you sooo much dad and really thank you for all that you have taught and keep teaching me through words and example. pres. Uchtdorf says ´´preach the gospel, and if necessary use words´´ i say that it's the same with being a great parent :))))) love you dad!  i wish i could sing with the kids in choir at church! hahaha ♪♫♪ MY DADDY IS MY FAVORITE PAL AND I HELP HIM EVERYDAY. IT'S PLAIN TO SEE I WANT TO BE LIKE HIM IN EVERYWAY. HE TEACHES ME THAT HONESTY IS BEST IN ALL I DOOOO. I'M VERY GLAD THAT HES MY DAAAAD. AND I KNOW HE LOVES ME TOOOOO!♫♪♫  something like that it goes, right? Haha

okay. well these weeks are just passing by and it scares me like seriously!

something that's super cool is that we're getting loads of help from the ward. they are super excited too!. right now were activating a family, la familia Cruz. they are suuuper awesome. the mom is  a single mom and 6 of her 7 kids have been baptized solo the littlest, Diego, hasn't. so he's preparing himself! He's so cute! reminds me of Nick! haha

it's so good to always hear from all yall.

It's funny when hna Boehmer and i try to teach english to our companions and i have  a southern accent and she's all canadian and neither of us can speak that well, hahaha i don't know what they're learnng!" haha

haha well the work is awesome here in jujuy! we recently had a conference and it was super awesome!" the training with hna Lugo is super awesome although sometimes i feel like she is training me! haha well

June 29

♪♫♪ VENID, ADOREMOS CON ALEGRE CANTO! VENID AL PUEBLIIIIIITO DEEEEE BELÉN!!!♪♫♪ (Come, let us with joyful singing ! Come to the little town of Bethlehem) hahaha I'm always singing that hymn ALL YEAR ROUND BABY!!!

Hola familia! welp. traslados today! hna Boehmer left :(((( she went to Santiago  and she's gonna train too!!! and Santiago is super far from here and it's always hot there and surprise, her comp hna Zenteno de Mexico also left! and guess what? Nobody's coming! así que we are here in Perico just us 2! so we right now have to learn the other area too and find all their investigadors and all their members and everything hahaha weeeee so yup. the entire city is ours! a little overwhelming but hey! I ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE! hahhaa

things are going super well here.! Liliana y Arutro aaahhH! they are sooo awesome!  at first Liliana was kind of the only one excited but this week Arturo was like, "look yall have been coming for a while now and i haven't been doing anything. i think it's time that i put in my part." WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! and we talked about the law of chastity and they too want to get married!!!!!!!!! so were gonna have to help with that!

also un chico named Matias that is 16 super awesome. a friend of a member and he super wants to get baptized! 

There's lots to do here in perico! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not enough hours in the day to visit everyone! but hey! vammmos! hahhaa

how are you all? 

i can't believe that the dog bit you! a dog bit my companion the other day. pobrecita! She's ok too. the weather here is super weird. has texas tendencies cuz hoy is like a summer day. or like spring. but this week has been like ice!!!!!! too crazy! but well what can you do? 

have i talked about the obsession of mayonnaise here? It's....insane.... and I'm disgusted to say that I'm in on it now.... uncle Jeff would die here :0 people put it on noodles! on bread! french fries! chicken! steak! everyyyythnnggggg!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh you can buy it in bags yes. i said. BAGS of like 5kilos :0 hahaha and also everything is in bags. i don't know if i said that at the beginning or no but yes. milk, yogurt, ketchup, mayo. you name it! hahaha

welp i think it's time for me to go no. 


hahahha name that movie! hahahaha


name that movie!

thats all folks!

name that show!

hasta la vista baby!

hahaha love hermana dascanio!!!!!!!!!!!

July 6

ahhh i dont have timeee! but HAPPY FOURTH! hahaha i  hope you all know that i was wearing red white and blue all day although nobody could see cuz its sooo cold- hahaha i have on always my big trench coat hahah

the work is GLORIOUS! we're gonna have a talent show in the ward hahaha hna lugo y yo are gonna lip sync a song from EFY and then in another act hna lugo is gonna write her name with her foot -- yes she can do that bahahaha!

can yall remind me of talents that i have that i can share??? or ideas for FHE??? Hahaha

everything is going super well! recently we switched to the normal [church] schedule with Sacrament at the beginning-- it was at the end. sergio, an investigador that si o si se bautizará el 18 bore his testimony!!! too sick !!!

 Hermana Lugo!
weeelll theres soo much to tell so little times so sorry! i hope you all are well. you are all in my prayers and I'm praying for blaise!!!
love you all cuidense! lo siento por esta carta! ahhhhh

love hermana dascanio!!!!!!!!!!!




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