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I'm Not Yelling, I'm Just Really Hungry!

The Missionary! [how could she resist a photo op like this??]
July 13

first of all. Maddy where's my letter??? Hahaha  well i love to hear from you all!!!!!!!!!!

this week is super good! mauricio can really use your prayers but he's doing better. matias had his interview and he's set! sergio tendrá his intervista tuesday! ahhh sorry that there aren't words or a lot of email this week! just know that things are going super well! and we're really felices! [happy!]

i hope that the summer keeps rolling super well for yall!  today we had to scrub the walls with bleach cuz there was a mold problem hahaha good times. we have to clean really well cuz the next time we have interviews with presidente he will do them in the apartment! ahhhhh que loco!!!!!!!!!!! hahah

well so sorry i promise that this next week I'll be better!!!!!!!!!!
looove hna dascanio


July 20


[For the reader: Steffi had a lot of expenses this month]
If yall could maybe help with expenses it would be greatly appreciated! also, know that when you are in the service of your fellowmen you are only in the service of your God :))) haha, thank you King Benjamin! haha

well this week was awesome!!!!!!!  the weeks are going by so fast that its scaring me! also all the missionaries are now younger than me and the fact that I'm almost 21 is rather ancient and shameful hahah jk 

there was youth conference for all the youth of jujuy! and it was centered on mission work!!!!!!!!!! and so they invited all the missionaries of jujuy! haha and so we basically did divisions ( i don't know what is called in English) with the youth!!!!!!!!!

too awesome! matias is accompanying us alot!!!!! to visit people and he seriously gives his testimony with authority and power! haha its super awesome! also were now talking with his momma  and sister and matias is helping them so much! he wants so badly that they will be baptized too!!!!!!!!

oh and hello! sergio and matias were baptized and it was soooooo beautiful! ahhhhhh!!!!!!
and matias wants to pass the sacrament so bad! i think he'll get the priesthood Sunday! We'll have to ask!!!!!!  and ah!!! they gave their testimonies after their baptism and matias talked about the relief and clean feeling that he felt. he said that he had felt a lot of weight on his shoulders recently and that as he got out of the water that was gone. it was so beautiful and ahhh I'm gonna die cuz his blessing talked about going on a mission!!!!!!!!!

el bautismo de Sergio  y Matias!!!! hno alejandro, our mission leader of the ward is in the middle!!

Hermana Lugo, Hermana Dascanio, Sergio, Hermano Alejandro, Matias, and Matias' mother
hna lugo seriously is sooo funy haha we have soo much fun and it's so cool to be able to see how she is progressing too!!!!

we have a sandwich that we call ´´el sandwi´´ that is the best thing in the world. basically it's a super hoagie. but a hot hoagie hahhaa i taught her the hoagie dance.  hahahhhaa 

seriously the weeks are passing by so much that it scares me and i don't want to leave hna lugo either!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha i had a dream last night that we went to eat at Pink's house. hahaha but she lived in Argentina in our area and we taught her hahahha too funny! 

bueno love you all more than i want peanut butter. oh how i crave peanut butter!!! :´)

i hope you are all well. lilly and nick keep partying! maddy i love yousooo much and thank you for always being faithful hahahhaa momma i love you and JUST KEEP TYPING also watch Willy Wonka and The Office for me! and dad i love you soo much and i hope that everything goes super well! KEEP MOVIN' FORWARD



July 27

well this keyboard is horrible and so I'm sorry but with this keyboard and the time it's gonna be short this week! sorry!!!!!!!!!

we had super  sandwich again today, so that was awesome.

liliana and arturo are gonna get married"! they have to go to registro civil tomorrowww!! weeeee! we found a girl agustina that is super awesome and went to church! this week was ward conference for us and so that was super awesome!!!!!!!! sergio received the priesthood aaronic!!!!!!!!!
we could talk with mauricio and so that was good keep him in your prayers and his wife estefania

this week were gonna have interviews with president chaparro and so that'll be awesome but they're gonna be in our pensiòn ;0 waahhh hahaha 

i love you all so much and am so happy that yall are having funnnn" can't believe that whit is coming home already!!!!!!! ahhhh how time flies hahah.  i miss idioms in English. I'm learning idioms in Spanish hahaha.  it's funny cuz they don't make sense hhaha, "you are the idiom." name that movie and watch it for me hahahaha  "love-ly weather . we . are having... i hope this weather will CONTINUE!"

love hna dascanio
but seriously it's pretty weather hahaha 
shout outs to all!!!

August 3

i can't believe that whits home! that is toooo crazy! shout outs, Whit!!!! ahhhh he looks sooo grown up and Briggs tooo !!! nobody's sent me a pic of the BrigMan in a while! i bet yall are allll coocoo crazy happy!!!! ahhhh that's tooo awesome! did the rangers win??? hahhaa

well things are really awesome here! we had interviews with President Chaparro on friday and it was really good. he came to our pensiòn and it was suuuuper clean hahaha he said that we should hire someone to paint the walls with a special paint that prevents mold cuz we have a lot of mold haha. hes super awesome and always thinks of the little things so that were okay and more than okay, so that we live well too.  we received lots of good advice from him specifically to work with the members, and find people through them.

we had a neat experience this sunday to fast and we were fasting to be able to find people through members and work better together and at the end when we ate with a family (members) she was like, "hey i was talking with my neighbor and she's super interested and she's gonna pass by, is that okay?"  obviously! haha and so we talked with her and today we have a FHE [family home evening] in their house with the members! super awesome.!!!

i got food poisoning or something like that again. super fun haha the only thing good about vomiting is that you get skinnier haha but besides that I'm doing well. the cream i have for my eyes is helping a lot and hna lugo puts drops in my eyes haha thanks for your prayers! mauricio is doing much better!

sergio passed the sacrament!!! hayyy!!!!  transfers are Sunday and i don't wanna go but i think i will. mahhhh! We'll see what happens!
sorry its a little short! but full of love hahaha love you all!!!

August 10

okay well looks like this time i have time to write! that happens never! hhaha well i was transferred! 

I've returned to Salta, la linda! [the beautiful!]  jajaja it's called Palermo. I've been here a few times for exchanges with the hermana leaders before but now it's not the area of them. I'm with hermana ramos from...... PERU jajaja 4th peruana! jajaja she's super nice. She's a little quiet i think but is cool. She's 22. oh and I'm her stepmom hahaha o sea, she just finished entrenamiento. just like hna lugo. i can't believe how time is passing!

it was so hard to leave hermana lugo! ahhhhh! seriously! and Perico! i love that area sooo much! 

the barrio celebrated my birthday Wednesday in a fhe of the ward! 3 cakes, hot dogs, a sparkler and lots of love! ahhh it was soo awesome! seriously these people are too awesome!!!!!  I'm gonna attach pics!

I'm doing well, don't worry! my eyes are much better! i honestly don't know what the drops do but they help! right now I'm all infected like always in winter but I'm taking quruplus haha it's like sudafed i suppose.

i gave a talk on sunday and we had a meeting and everything lately is about working with members, entonces i am here to exhort you all to give referrals to the missionaries and start to talk more with those around you about the gospel and invite them to come to church! yall have had some awesome experiences, but keep em comin! pray for opportunities. this is a message from the prophet! :)

bueno i must go. haha
love you all super much!
hermana dascanio



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