Sunday, June 1, 2014

MTC week 2--Grief, Laughs, and Fruity Pebble Tilapia

Our Spanish-speaking missionary!
My maestro Hermano Vargas literally was breaking down one of the spanish words and said "it comes from the greek word..." bahaahah we all cracked up laughing!! too good. that movie is all too relevant! hahah

the devotional this tuesday was L TOM PERRY! whattup!!!! he spoke on the importance of companions and preparing and stuff and it was super good! MY whole district sang in the choir! so yall need to record on tuesday the devotional thingys cuz you´lll FOR SURE SEE MI CARA!!!! hahahah i´ll try to remember to wear something bright! haha

yesterday, i saw my name on the board to go see the office immediately later to find out that from one of the district presidents about grandpa [that he died]. i dont really know how to convey my thoughts over email, but that is crazy and unexpected. obviously im really sad. with grandpa having 3 grandchildren out serving the Lord, im sure that he is very happy up there serving his 4th mission and watching over us. Hermano Vargas is seriously the greatest man!! i came back to class and you could apparently tell that i had been crying and he took me aside to another room and asked me what had happened. He told me that he wishes that he could give me a shoulder to cry on, but just held my hands and gave me the advice i needed. he then gave me a blessing. it was the greatest and since then, ive been okay. my district of girls has been the best and so supportive and loving, so im good. today, we went through the temple and it was much needed. it´s so nice to start your day by going through the temple!!! even cooler, was when i walked in the celestial room, i felt the Spirit so strong. stronger than ever and i felt Grandpa John´s presence. it was the most peaceful thing ive ever experienced. so, i want yall to know that i am okay and more than that, i want yall to know that you are okay. get a blessing if you need. but more than anything, i know that grandpa is very happy where he is now. dont mourn him, but celebrate his great life and all he´s done for us and others. i love you all and i wish i could give you a hug right now, dad! love you! things will be okay. :) my suggestion would be going through the temple if you're really having a hard time. :)

At the Provo temple

so the food here is the same as the cannon except here at west campus, there's normally just one choice, sometimes two so sometimes it's a little sketchy. like this fruity pebble talipia that we had the other night hahaha but it's preparing us for what's to come,yeah?! hahaha esta bien esta bien! but the peaches here the the bomb, i have a banana and peaches with like every meal! hahaha i think im turning into lilly!! bhahaha but who wouldnt when they serve you fruity pebble fish?? bhahahaha that's not  a chiste.. :O hahaha

our other investigator gabbi "left for argentina" so we stopped teaching her and now she's our maestra!! haha she's the absolute coolest! like she's really short and the happiest person in the world. she just got married like 4 months ago and she is always smiling and so excited about spanish and missions and the gospel it's contagiouis!! she took us outside and then started sprinting (she can book it) and so we ran after her in our skirts and flats hahaha i was riding that struggle bus cuz my shoes kept flopping off hahaha but it was so funny we were like what just happened? hahaha she tied it into a lesson but it was super funny.

h haha in argentina they say, "ciao" for goodbye!!! how sick is that!!!!! so we've been saying that to everyone! hahaha we feel so cool! hahaha oh and cool is buenisimo! hahaha doesn't that sound italian?/ anyway, spanish has been going pretty well! it's a lot of work!!! but at the same time it's not too hard. for the most part, i understand everything, but speaking is hard to put together perfect senteces. like i can generally get the message across but lots of times it's sketchy hahaha.

She calls this her ChittyChittyBangBang dress :)
ps maddy do you remember  sitting in this spot watching a movie with devin?! hahaha #raintree!!!

OH MY I FORGOT TO TELL YALL ABOUT FANCY FRIDAY!!! I STARTED IT AND I¡S THE GREATEST THING HAHAHAA LOOK AT US! YEAh i dont know why some are blurry woops. its kinda a weird angle but esta bien!!! oh and hno vargas wore a spiffy suit and his shmancy italian zapatos!!! in spanish, it´s ´¨viernes fresa¨ hahaha fancy friday!!!
Fancy Friday (started by Hermana Dascanio because she always starts traditions!)

PAZ AMOR Y TACOS [peace, love, and tacos]

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  1. Miss you, Steffi! Great stories, it brings back memories of my time in the MTC. Glad that you are enjoying yourself and that you are working hard! Ciao!