Sunday, June 1, 2014

MTC week 3--Elder Bednar, No Ingles Lunes, and Riding the Struggle Bus

So our zone was 3 districts (there are the 3 comps in mine) and then there was an elder district and an hermana district and now theyre all gone! we were all alone for monday and tuesday!!! but!!! we got 4 new elders and 5 new hermanas on wednesday! hahha so now we're not the beebees anymore!! hahaha  So, the district that left last week got to see 6 apostles in 6 weeks! HOW INSANE IS THAT!! IT'S LIKE MAKING MTC HISTORY!!! ALL I KNOW IS THAT THEY BETTER KEEP THAT GOING CUZ THEN IT WOULD BE LIKE THOMAS S MONSON THE WEEK I LEAVE!!! HOW CRAY IS THAT!??!?! ps on wednesday we will be have been here for half the time! it's going by so quickly it's ridiculous!!!! 

But anyway, the big news this week happened on sunday devotional READY!! so, we went to devotional as per usual and were like yee i wonder if it's gonna be another aposlte!! and then we were like trying not to get our hopes up and everything and then we went in and there wasnt that cheatomatic reading thing that's there only when apostles are there (ya know what im talking about? like the thing with invisible letters of their talk and whatnot?) and so we were like ahh bummmer summer, but it's all good. so president nally (of the mtc) was like, "so, we're going to do things differently this week. we're going to play David A Bednar's 'Character of Christ.'" and so we were like okay cool! cuz apparently this was like the greatest talk ever and stuff and we wanted to see it anyway. so we were all hyped, and BY THE WAY it's the greatest talk ever! and all yall better froogle it or something to find it!!! and so that was just lovely and much needed and so the video ends and we're like waiting for a hymn or something and then all of a sudden i hear/see the people in front of me shoot up and im like oh man like what is happening!! LIKe we only stand up for aposltes. sadly, we were back a little so we couldnt see, but then we stood up to see what was going down and IT WAS DAVID A BEDNAR!!! like whatttttt!!!! and so since we already watched his talk, he OPENED IT UP TO A Q&A!!! A Q&A WITH DAVID A BEDNAR!! it was so legit!!! and he is the greatest question answerer eversauce! hahha MAN IT WAS SO COOL! AH!! i wish i could describe how legit it was, but there's nothing more than caps lock... JUST KIDDING! you CAN BOLD IT. OKAY GUYS, THIS WAS THE COOLEST THING EVER!!!! HE IS TRULY AN APOSTLE OF GOD LIKE THE SPIRIT IN THERE WAS SO AWESOME AND STAYED THE WHOLE TIME AND SWEET FANCY FRANCIS IT WAS AWESOME!!!

me and hermana yates wearing the same falda!! she bomb!
starting next week, we´re gonna be teaching twice a day! yeesh! haha we´re gonna have TRC every night except tuesday night. TRC is when you like go and teach members. like theyre not pretending to be anyone. you just teach them. which im finding is almost harder than teaching investigators haha. ps ive noticed that it´s getting really hard to spell cuz of all that español on the brain!!! like where there should be double letters, i just put one and i almost forgot what sorry was in ingles! hahaha cuz we´re talking some mad spanglish up in here! hahaha oh! so lunes was NO INGLES LUNES!!! it´s really hard to do that. we may or may not have hit pause on the ´no ingles lunes´ button for a little hahaha wooops. Fancy friday was a success again! viernes de fresa!!!!


ooh this one zrt (teacher that´s like floating, like doesnt have a class) was doing these demonstrations with us and we were supposed to practice like how to start teaching, but little did we know, he made us start outside and have to get in the door first! i froze! i tried to get in nicely like usual, but he was being SO STUBBORN! like he was like, ´´i dont believe in CHrist and all this stuff´´´and i was like okay, like so should we go- like i wanted to run. hahahhaa and my companion literally said nothing so it was me just ridin that struggle bus it was the worst! i was like if that were the field wouldnt we have just let him be yya know haha it was terrible!!! haha my compañera has got a lot better with spanish though, so thats good. it´s kinda hard sometimes when there´s nobody to lean on though like if you´re stuck, but hey! that´s what the Spirit´s for right!?!

i dont know what it  is about being a missionary, but ive been saying precious todos los días.. hahaha whaaaat  oh and sister davis is the cutest little woman. she´s lik 3´6´´ haha jk she´s like 5´ or something but yeah she´s the bomb!! and she gives the world´s strongest hugs! and the because she´s so short, you´ve gotta like bend over a lot and so she gets ya around the neck and i was for real worried about my throat for a little haha cuz she was talking to me while hugging me and i was like, ´so it only talks 65lbs of pressure to crush a throat...´ hahaha but for real! she´s the most precious woman! ahhaha

i love all yall! and ive gotta rollskies!!!! well acutally ill send some picsssssssssssss
love yall k bye!!!!!
paz y bendiciones! [peace and blessings] hahahaha

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