Thursday, June 26, 2014

Speaking is Hard; Comedy is Harder

Oh my goodness!!!! how crazy!!!!! It is awesome here! 
every single word i write says its misspelled and cuz its on a spanish computer and so if its random and weird-lo siento! haha also the shift is in a weird spot hahaha so it might be shallow on exclamation points, but know that 


so yeah all the flights were dandy. the flight to buenos aires was suuuper full and so we had to check our carrry on which was nice but also that was our backup clothes in case we lost luggage. haha so we were a little apprehensive at first,  but everything is good when your on a mission, even if you lose all your clothes! ahha 
[argentinian pronunciation]

so we land in argentina and find our bags and go through customs and enter the country presenting them with our passport and like this paper that basically says, im not sketchy and am not carrying more than 10000 dollars with me. hahaha that seemed scarier than it was haha its all good! then once we left the aeropuerto part of the aeropuerto, there were a whole bunch of lovely argentine faces greeting us saying like ROSARIO THIS WAY MENDOZA THIS WAY. WHAT MISSION ARE YOU<? SALTA? OKAY OVER THERE! mind you not one english word was uttered! and our person never arrived so the mendoza person  helped us out. lovely lady. not a member. they are just hired by the church to get missionaries to the right places! and so she was spanishing to us, gave us a sack filled with sandwiches and two huge cartons of chocolate milk to split, mind you there are 4 elders and 6 hermanas. hahah and a sack of croisssants and pastries. bahaha 

then we took like a 30 minute drive to another airport in buenos aires that isnt international and we followed this guy who didnt understand any english over to get our bags checked again. 

a few times i was like waaaa but idk the whole time ive been here i havent been stressed out #bendicion. and so that plane ride was pretty much the same as utah to texas. not bad at all. it was mostly missionaries on this little dinky plane. but they had the best snacks ever!!!! in a little happy meal like box! hahaha

anyway! landed in salta and guess who we see! 
pres and hna levrino! 

they are precious! too bad theyre leaving in like a week or two! im sure the next pres will be great though too.! oh and hna levrino was like, Your mom wrote me about you coming and stuff! hahah i was like hahaha she´s crazy! and she was like, no shes just being a good mom! hahah precioso!!! thats right mom, youre just being a good mom! 

haha and so we went on to the mission home. 

we ate so well! i learned VERY QUICKLY that no matter how good it is, eat it SLOW!!! cuz they will automatically refill your plate to the same size! ahaha we keep having this dish. its milanesa and its bomb! its basically breaded chicken with a little bit of sauce and cheese on the top. basically chicken parm. and its so good! we had it the first night at the mission home and also at two other miembros houses for lunch. oh, thats another thing. we dont go to peoples houses for dinner. dinner isnt a big thing here. its all about lunch. like as in heres two emapanadas for APPETIZER then heres 2 chicken breasts with a boat ton of rice and french bread. lots of french bread haha and ALWAYS soda cuz their water is no good. we have a waterbottle filter doobop though that makes the water we drink safe. i put mine together and was like, how do you know if it works? haha good question, yah! ahaha well. im not dead yet! 
chiste! mom calm down!° 

so my companion is hna musmano! she {s super legit! straight from buenos aires. she is 12 of 14 siblings! 3 others are out on missions! how sick!! haha oh and did i mention that she doesn{t know a lick of english! hahahah that{s what i wanted though and its fun. i havent but uttered a word of ingles since wednesday hahah. granted ie probably talked 1/64 what i normally do. hahah its fun though! my dictionary is my best friend besides my Heavenly Father. but ya know, i havent really gotten frustrated. like at all. and the people are so nice! 

pobrecita means like oh poor little thing! and so ive gotten that a lot. cuz people full fledged takl to me cuz i look mexican or latina or something and then theyre like oh she {s from the united states? and then like oh how long have you been here? oh 5 days? and you dont understand anything, do you. pobrecita! hahaha its fun though1 

and i think that i am learning quickly. speaking is hard. comedy is harder. i cant think quickly enough for that hahaha but im understanding a lotttt more. like a lot more. i got there at first and was like whaaaat but i understand a lot more now. also its weird to think in english now cuz i havent in a while. i gave myself a migraine the other day concentrating so hard. bahahah it's so great though! we have lunch with a member pretty much every day except lunes. hoy. 

the work in this area isnt hoppin too much BUT WE{RE GONNA CHANGE THAT!! we have, or they did before me but now she{s mine too, a woman with a bautismo date! hopefuly saturday! shes great! her names patricia! and she has two boys 13 and 10 i think. hopefully they will get baptized, too. 

the world cup is going on and so when argentina is playing theres literally not a soul in the streets and you can hear the commentary on everyone{s tvs as you walk hahaha and its super funny when argentina gets a goal cuz you hear houses erupt in cheers slighlty delayed from each other bahaha i love it though. 
i love the people!

we have a nice builiding pretty close. it only takes like 20 min to walk there. 
also the streets here are insane. its clear to me now that the whole ýielding to pedestrians thing´ is an american pasttime bahaha  but its almost more safe cuz you just have to watch where youre going and theres not that awkward communication between pedestrian and driver. 

being in a cab is LOCO PARA COCO!! 
no lights. no stop signs. the cabs slow down at intersections. and thats the reason why we dont have bicycles or cars ahhahaa so cool though. 

i love it already. it{s a lot of work but it is the most rewarding thing ever!!! 
i love all yall and paz y bendiciones
with love from argentina
cue music [james bond]
wa waaaa waaaaa!
con amor a ful,
hna dascanio  

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