Monday, June 9, 2014

MTC Week 4--Sweet Fancy Francis! Elder Russell M. Nelson and Free Burgers

Ahhhh! HOW ARE YALLL!!!!!!!!!!?!?!??!??! 
im using the english keyboard right now, so ive got the punctuation back! hahaha 

 so this week was SO GREAT AND SO FAST! yEs! we have beebee missionaries now! they are pretty great! although our district is for real the greatest!!! hahaha we got a letter in the mail that our district has been chosen to HOST NEXT WEEK! that means like when all the beebees get off the buses and are kicked to the curb, we show them around to their apartments and drop off their luggage!!! 

so basically west side is the life! we have a creamery and we can go off campus to eat on p-days [day off] which we did today!!! 
we  went to burger supreme cuz we were all craving actual food hahaa and this lovely man paid for all 6 of us!!! and then once we had our food, another 6 hermanas came in and he paid for all them too!!!! what a sweet little man!!!! he was precious on all accounts haha! how sick right!! we're not even in el camp yet, and we're already having people feed the missionaries! so just know, that we are being taken care of! :D

OH PS ELDER RUSSEL M NELSON CAME SAY WHAAAAT!!!!! QUE PASO!!!! hahahaha how sick?! we are 3/3 with apostles!!! let's keep it rollin! so that's 8 straight weeks of aposltes for the mtC! hahaha how cray! man his talk was so good! and he didnt have a single paper! he brought his scriptures but that's it! like he did the whole thing based on the Spirit! Espiritu Santo!!! how legit! it was so good and his little wife wendy spoke and it was soooo goood too!! she talked about desperation and we were all like what? like que! what does that have to do with anything but she gave the most amazing talk about how when you are desperate to follow Christ, you will do anything to follow Him. when you are desperate to teach the gospel, you will be free from distractions; you will find the time, and you will find people who are desperate to hear it!!! HOW GOOD IS THAT!!! THE TALK WAS SO POWERFUL!!! ¡Que perfecto!  oh boy! oh boy! 


oh! and a lady from the trophy club ward put together the most grandiose package ever for me!!! it was so cute and had like 4 different kinds of granola bars, chex mix, muddie buddies, reese´s, goldfish and like everything! iwas like SWEET FANCY FRANCIS THIS WOMAN IS TOO KIND! MUY AMABLE!!! so, tell that sweet lady MUCHOS GRACIAS! AND A BIG MUCHOS GRACIAS FROM MY DISTRICT who is kind enough to help me eat it all! hahaha 

did i tell yall about the food thing! so down here in west side, the food is atrocious. but we always heard that it was better than main campus and yada yada yadda  and so one time last week we go up to main campus just for funsies (on pday) and THEIR FOOD IS SPECTACULAR! im pretty sure that their water is better, too! hahaha it was ridiculous they can get as much food as they want and it all is real and tastes so good! hahaha so we stuffed our poor starving souls, then decided that we liked west campus better cuz we wont get fat hahahaha but whoever said that over there is the better, or like oh they just have more choices but it´s the same, WAS LYING!!!! it´s heaven over there! hahahaha pero, yo soy contando mis bendiciones porque yo no gordo haahaha

me and hna franks memorized 1 nefi 3´7 to the tune of my heart will go on! hahahahaha it is so perfect! todos los hermanas en nuestro districto son muy celoso de nuestro talentosos! hahahaha 

paz y bendiciones!!!! 
con todo amor en el mundo, hna dascanio


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